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Revival Ministries International & The River at Tampa Bay Church

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Ministry Spotlight

Revival Ministries International & The River Church

Welcome to RMI

WELCOME to Revival Ministries International (R.M.I.) Headquarters located in Tampa, FL! We are so happy you have joined us here this week for The Convergence: 2021 Ministers’ & Leaders’ Conference (MLC), and pray your life will be impacted greatly, whilst on our campus.
R.M.I. Headquarters is spread over more than 90 acres, housing many ministry departments; that together, impact nations around the world. From the River at Tampa Bay Church to River University, you will observe our unique diversity. Members, students, staff, and visitors, representing every tribe and every tongue—all united by a love for God and a passion to see souls saved.
In this exciting brochure, you will learn more about R.M.I. and how we are each uniquely working together to accomplish our mission of seeing 100 Million souls saved, and to sow 1 Billion dollars into world missions.
At R.M.I., lives are touched and changed by the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. Our heart is to facilitate people having life-changing encounters with Jesus Christ. All River University students receive a full scholarship and are trained and equipped to launch from here to the nations of the world, fulfilling the call of God on their lives. From infants to senior citizens, all of our members are proactively cared for on this great campus. There are no nonessential members in the body of Christ, and everyone is encouraged to be involved in some form or level of ministry.
New this week, we’ve transformed our Pavilion of Dreams into our first, 5-star River Business Expo! We are actively raising up 300 millionaires like Gideon’s army, who will fund the end-time harvest of souls, and invite you to be a part of this riveting expo!
More than a conference, The Convergence will be an unforgettable Holy Ghost & Fire encounter. Through 8 days of total saturation in the presence of God, we pray you will leave this place ignited and transformed to shake your city, state, region, and country with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! This is the greatest hour for the Body of Christ, and it’s the coming together of the upper and the lower springs!
Whatever we do, it cannot be in our own strength, it must be in God's strength. Together, we will see America, and the nations of the world, shaken in this final Great Spiritual Awakening that will bring in the greatest harvest of souls, just before the return of the King of kings and the Lord of lords!
For the harvest,
Drs. Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne

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