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Silicon Valley

1️⃣ Introduction
2️⃣ Round №1
Look through the materials provided to students for the lesson.
Spend 5-7 minutes talking about, explaining, asking questions and introducing materials (aka vocabulary) to students.
Make sure they now understand how to use it.

▶️ Spend more time on this part if necessary
▶️ You goal is to make students realize that they actually learned something today
What does the term Silicon Valley represent? How come many world-changing ideas come from this particular place and why? How did the Silicon Valley culture affect companies around the world? Where is the next Silicon Valley going to be? Are there any places like that in your country? What future do you see for tech giants like Google, Facebook, Apple etc. in the next 10 years? You have a chance to pitch an idea to Elon Musk and get financed in case he likes it. What idea would you pitch and why?
3️⃣ Round №2
4️⃣ Outroduction
Silicon Valley once promised to solve many of the world’s problems with a technological revolution. Now it has seemingly betrayed its idealism. Instead of connecting people around the world tech companies have created platforms that disseminate hate speech, foster divisions, and threaten to undermine democratic institutions. From diversity issues to sexual harassment to political bias, Silicon Valley’s is a manifestation of a toxic workplace. Private sector is the main driver of innovation today, the technological progress would look very different without places like Silicon Valley. Companies decide to base their business in Silicon Valley for a reason (give examples). One of the lauded myths of Silicon Valley culture is that anyone can be a tech superstar if they have the talent.
Spend 5-7 minutes discussing the mistakes people made.
Give good and bad examples of how the vocabulary you discussed in the beginning was used during the lesson.
Visit breakout rooms and write down students’ mistakes
engage with the students as much as the situation requires
write down common mistakes
write down misuse of the vocabulary (materials) of the lesson
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