Giving Birth

1️⃣ Introduction
2️⃣ Round №1
Look through the materials provided to students for the lesson.
Spend 5-7 minutes talking about, explaining, asking questions and introducing materials (aka vocabulary) to students.
Make sure they now understand how to use it.

▶️ Spend more time on this part if necessary
▶️ You goal is to make students realize that they actually learned something today
Mothers say it doesn't hurt to give birth, do they all lie to us?
When I (a partner) find out about pregnancy, what should be done first?
Have you ever heard of placenta eating culture? How do you feel about this?
Who would you like to be your birth partner?
What if my baby is born early or has special problems?
How do you view circumcision? What is the idea behind it?
Surrogacy is illegal in developed democracies (Germany, Finland), but legal in some post-soviet countries. Why do you think that is?
3️⃣ Round №2
4️⃣ Outroduction
While childbirth is great, the process itself is disgusting.
You should never let your partner be with you during labor. Your partner will never look at you the same way.
Societal pressure to have children often encourages couples to do so.
If men were to give birth the number of abortions would increase.
The home-birth is a trend nowadays.
Women should give birth before they turn 30.
Spend 5-7 minutes discussing the mistakes people made.
Give good and bad examples of how the vocabulary you discussed in the beginning was used during the lesson.
Visit breakout rooms and write down students’ mistakes
engage with the students as much as the situation requires
write down common mistakes
write down misuse of the vocabulary (materials) of the lesson
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