Business in 2022

1️⃣ Introduction
2️⃣ Round №1
Look through the materials provided to students for the lesson.
Spend 5-7 minutes talking about, explaining, asking questions and introducing materials (aka vocabulary) to students.
Make sure they now understand how to use it.

▶️ Spend more time on this part if necessary
▶️ You goal is to make students realize that they actually learned something today
How did the business change in the last 20 years?
What should companies focus on to launch a successful business these days?
How will AI change how business operates in the near future?
How does Coronavirus affect business? Has it opened any new business opportunities?
What are the biggest business issues of today?
As of now, what business would you start and why? What first steps would you take?
What business today is no more relevant? How long till it's gone?
3️⃣ Round №2
4️⃣ Outroduction
In the XXI century offline business does not have a chance.
Even hobbies can turn into the best small business ideas with a little online marketing.
It's easier to become an entrepreneur now than it was ever before.
Finance will continue to decentralize, we're going to see a shift in power toward individual investor empowerment.
Retail is dead. Amazon will continue its road to market dominance.
Every business today must go cashless.
Spend 5-7 minutes discussing the mistakes people made.
Give good and bad examples of how the vocabulary you discussed in the beginning was used during the lesson.
Visit breakout rooms and write down students’ mistakes
engage with the students as much as the situation requires
write down common mistakes
write down misuse of the vocabulary (materials) of the lesson
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