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Part 1: Login

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Login Page - Demo Video.mp4
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00:00 Hello, welcome to our demo video on how to access and navigate our platform. In this video, we'll walk you through the steps to log in and explore the platform's features.

00:11 Let's get started. First, with the login page, your login details will be provided by our onboarding team. For this demo, we'll be using the demo login details which is Demo Advertiser and the password.

00:27 So, let's hit sign in for now. Great, we're now logged in. After logging in, you will be redirected to our homepage and you will see some of the sidebar options here on the left.
00:51 On our next video, we will tell you or we will teach you how to onboard your advertisers together with their users.

Part 2: Onboarding Advertisers/Clients

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Onboarding Advertisers-Clients.mp4
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00:00 Hello, welcome to the second part of our demo video. On this part of the video, let's talk about onboarding or creating an advertiser together with their users.
00:13 So in order to do that, let's navigate to orgs and manage orgs. So this is the page where you're going.
00:20 To manage your advertisers together with their users. So at first, you will be able to see the demo advertiser, which is in this demo, this is the advertiser of our current user.
00:33 So in order to onboard or register your advertiser, make sure that your org is selected. And make sure that the selected icon is showing here by clicking simply on the advertiser name here.
00:48 And after that, click the Create Org button. And here you will be required to fill in some information like organization name, description, advertiser domain, logos, and other permissions.
01:01 So for now, let's call it MyFirstAdvertiser For the description, let's leave it for now since this is only an optional field but for the advertiser domain, it is helpful if we put it if we put the website of your advertiser.
01:22 So, for now, let's call it And below are the permissions of some features of the dashboard. So, we will create a separate video explaining these different features together without permissions.
02:03 Once everything is filled in and once the permissions are set, click on the Create button here. So after you have successfully created an organization or a client account of yours, the page will be reloaded as you can see.
02:21 you can now expand or collapse bottom here on the left side of your advertiser. So let's click on that and it is confirmed that we have successfully created the first advertiser under the organization that you are using right now.
02:40 So, next. ,is to create users under this organization. So make sure first that you need to click on the name of the advertiser that you want to create a users with.
02:52 Make sure that the select marker is showing and click on the org users. So here you will be seeing apuraid user baran, so click on that and fill in the information, the information is like the username.
03:09 So for now let's call it my first user. Then put the name of that user. So for now or for this name, let's just call it first user.
03:21 For the e-mail address, make sure to use or fill in using the active e-mail address of the users that you're trying to onboard.
03:30 Because this is the e-mail that our dashboard will be sending over the username and the temporary password. So right now let's just call it.
03:41 May 1st And for the phone number, just fill in using the phone number of this user. And for the permissions here, this user can carry over the permissions that we have set in for the organization.
04:01 But we also have the ability to chart peak on those. So right now let's just turn on everything except for the demo.
04:15 And click create once everything is filled in and once the permissions are even. Congratulations, we have already created the first user of this organization called My 1st Advertiser.

Part 3: Advertiser Library Navigation

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High Performance Marketing Platform - 11 June 2024 (1).mp4
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0:00 Hello, welcome back to our medial dashboard demo and for today, we're going to tackle the part three of the demo So previously what we have covered is setting up the orgs by going here in orgs and manage orgs We have created one advertiser named my first advertiser and we also created a user under it
0:25 So for our next demo is to navigate to the advertiser's library So the first thing that you need to do is click on the advertiser that you're trying to set up or configure Make sure that the selected marker is showing and click on the preview advertiser button here So once you clicked it Um, you will
0:49 see that you are inside the preview mode of this advertiser, which means you can do anything Or you can set up everything for this advertiser just like an admin The next thing that you need to do is click on the upper right icon here and click on the name of the advertiser After that, you will be navigated
1:10 to the library, which you will have options for locations, targeting, creatives, tracking, first party data, and settings

Part 4: Advertiser Library - Setup Walk In Locations

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High Performance Marketing Platform - 11 June 2024.mp4
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0:00 all right so for this demo we're going to set up the walk-in location of this advertiser so all you need to do is make sure to go to the locations and go here in addresses and click on add retail location button next thing you need to do is search on the retail location so let's say for this demo let's
0:23 um mark the california academy of sciences so as you can see once you have selected a location or address um the fields here on the right side you will be automatically populated so the next thing that we need to do is click on satellite for better view then determine the building or the location of
0:53 the business that you're trying to create a geofence so the next thing that you need to do is make sure to click on um the drop polygon button here and once that is done let's mark or create a geofence for the business location so on this part let's mark this building and also let's include the parking
1:18 lots. right, once that is done you can put the business name let's call it California Academy of Sciences for the about field or description we can leave it blank and for the other fields here we can leave it blank also and what once that is done click on submit and you can add another one yeah you can
1:49 add multiple locations here and after that make sure to group it as an audiences or we'll group this location into one so um let's try to add another more so let's search for another location in california so let's select california science center okay click on the satellite satellite again for better
2:19 view and let's mark this whole building including the parking lot okay so let's put the name california science center for the description field let's leave it blank for now and click submit and after that um as you can see we have created two walk-in locations after that what we need to do is group
2:52 them into one so click on the ranger button on the left side select the locations that you want to group and click on the button here create attribution audiences and for this demo let's call it my first walk-in locations click create and to confirm um for the attribution audience that you have created
3:22 um let's go to the audiences tab here and as you can see this is the one that you have created my first walk-in locations and link to these two locations that we have created earlier

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