Physically Based Auto Depth of Field

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Internal Vs External Scenes

If you have an external scene, sometimes there’s a small extra step and that’s to
Lower the
@Max Distance
ever so slightly to ensure that your vista views and your close up view shift aperture in a more noticeable way
You may see the debug view shift suddenly from blue to red, which means you’re in the right spot for the scene ‘tip point’.
This will show in the scene as you shift distances as the aperture will adjust.
standard open world scene.gif
This will also help balance an external to internal scene view look more natural when you transition.

There is also the use of a fixed point method.
If you want your depth of field to work similar to a camera source, you can match your
@Base Aperture
@Extended Aperture
and then set your
@Max Distance
to what works for your scene.
We once worked on a city project where the max distance was 500m and the aperture either fixed at f5.6 or set to f5.6-8 and it was wonderful.
In our 🆕1.3.0 update, using
@Simple [RayPointMode]
really makes this set up shine
You are also able to further tune the system with Volume Overrides, this allows for more flexibility in advanced scenarios such as:
Boss battles
Cinematic blending
Focus points and Points of Interest
Scope Systems in FPS games
Glass checks and looking through windows
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