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Physically Based Auto Depth of Field

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With Integration you can utilise both tools at the same time, seamlessly.
Use cases
Gameplay scene using transitioning to cinematic using targets

Gameplay scene using transitioning to cinematic using with auto focus from

Gameplay scene using with auto focus from

Cinematic scene using both and that differs per
in both gameplay and cinematics
Activating Cinemachine Support
You must import the separate to enable this.
To do this:
Head to your Assets project folder
HIBIKI entertainment > Auto Depth Of Field > Scripts
Install CinemachineExtension.package
Connecting the Assets
Once it is installed you may create a Cinemachine VCam set up as you’d like and when you’re ready to add depth of field to your shots, move onto the next section.

Cinemachine’s volume system is under each Vcam component right at the bottom called .
in the extensions section you can add both
3. CinemachineVolumeSettings
and our
2. AutoDepthOfFieldCinemachineExtension
This will allow for 2 to control the depth of field automatically and 3 for cinemachine to control any other volume override setting you may set up, like post effects

You can demo this freely with
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in both cases Cinemachine is responsible for the rest of the camera settings like aperture and focal length and other volume settings, like post effects

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