To find trending coins


To find coins / protocols / news pieces that are trending, and make content for it that will go out from @pyor’s Twitter account.

Trending coins
Popular protocols
Hot news articles
I inputted the following search query on ChatGPT, Claude, etc. – I want to make social media posts about trending cryptocurrencies. Suggest a few tools that I can use to find trending cryptocurrencies, crypto topics, and protocols. – and got the following tools:
Google Trends
Reddit forums
Third party tools:
Santiment’s Sanbase

Google Trends:

Good for a top level analysis to compare which major blockchain is trending higher/lower versus another blockchain on Google search and not on a social media site’s internal search engine.
Google Trends marks a search term on a scale of 0 to 100. 0 is little to no data i.e. low search intent and 100 is peak popularity. For instance, the term “Bitcoin ETF” peaked on January 10-11 during the ETF approval and has since dropped to < 5.
We can use this to look at relative search intent between two protocols.
For instance:
The term “Solana” is trending at a search intent of 27 compared to “Ethereum” at 37. Hence, Ethereum is still more popular on Google. However, in December, Solana’s intent was 87 compared to Ethereum’s at 44.
Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 2.22.00 PM.png
The term “Optimism” is beating the term “Arbitrum” by a ratio of 2:1, but Polygon is beating both Arbtrum and Optimism by a healthy amount. Nearly 10x more than the two.
Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 2.21.44 PM.png

Use case – to figure out which term is more popular on Google search to find pecking order differences i.e. Polygon > Optimism > Arbitrum.

Reddit Forums

Reddit is useful to find out – news and perspective on news in the comments to a post. Finding trending coins might be difficult, since posters here want to predict price action before it happens, not during or after. However, it might be useful to find out what to look at for a coin/protocol/company.
This is where Reddit becomes useful.
A few subreddits that are popular:
(mostly about Bitcoin and why BTC is so great though)
Pro tip: Use the tag of “General News” or “Discussions” to filter relevant content.
For instance, here’s a
from 2 days ago comparing the number of daily users on Polygon versus Ethereum and a discussion on the same.
Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 2.41.50 PM.png

Looking at this post we can:
Make the same chart and validate/disprove the data on Twitter and re-share it on Reddit
Copy the Reddit post and put it on Twitter + add our own data and incite a discussion on the same
Make a thread about Polygon vs Ethereum on other metrics
The goal is to take something that is top of mind for someone on one platform (Reddit) and use it on another Twitter and vice versa. The discussion is already going on. We just have to add data to it. If we validate or disprove the data, we are adding to the discussion in a right way.
Use case – To figure out what people want to know about a:
protocol – in terms of metrics they want to track
news – in terms of new they want data about


Twitter is a good place to confirm the trending topics that you get on Google Trends and, more importantly, Reddit. Once you have key search terms like – “Polygon” and “users” or “Uniswap” and “volume” – the task is to:
find out what people are actually tweeting about these topics
create content with the same search terms
For instance: Searching for “Polygon” and “users” here are the tweets
All of these three posts have data on Polygon’s user acquisitions in the past month or year. We have to simply create a piece of content according to this search and place it on Twitter for the users to search and engage with our posts.
Use case:
Validate what you find on Reddit and Media outlets
Find out the directional competition of content
Mimic that competition and put out the same kind of content [we don’t need to differentiate with content because the currency i.e. attention is unlimited and not limited like money]


CMC has a field called – Trending – which shows large price changes of tokens. However, these are “trending” based on price changes and generally show pumping or dumping coins. We can’t write about them because:
they might be scams
no data on Terminal
Hence, arranging them by market cap shows coins that are trending + are large enough to write about.
Here are the coins that we can potentially write about:
Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 3.41.34 PM.png

Of these we can write about:
Cronos (cut out because of the screenshot)
Polygon has been mentioned for the third time – Reddit + Twitter + CMC – hence it’s an easy pick to write about.
You can further look at why these coins are trending by – searching for them on other social media and search sites to find out what data point / comparison / event we can look at to frame the narrative.
Framing the narrative when writing content means setting the stage for the story or message that you want to convey. It involves choosing a viewpoint or perspective that will help you communicate your ideas effectively. In literature, a frame narrative is a technique where a narrator tells a story within a story, and the introductory or main narrative sets the stage for the more emphasized second narrative. In business writing, framing the story means finding a way to jump from your identified subject and intended message to an interesting way to bring your ideas to life. When writing a frame narrative, it is important to choose a narrator who can convey the events and themes of the story effectively, and to allow the narrator to interject and have opinions on the events as they occur
Use case:
Find out which coins are trending to either:
validate what you find on social media
to build thesis to validate on social media
to create fresh content


The same is true for CoinGecko. Go to the Trending page of CoinGecko to find out trending cryptocurrencies to confirm what you find on CoinMarketCap.
For instance, here is the trending coins from CoinGecko 👇 Notice how Solana, Celestia, and Sui are common. Easy content ideas.
Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 4.00.00 PM.png

Santiment Social Trends

Santiment’s social media trending tokens are limited on the free version. Moreover, most times these terms are:
smaller tokens that we don’t have data for
they are non crypto and non data terms like – VOTE, CPI, FED, etc.
We can however use Sanbase to validate any token + metric related terms from our previous cohorts.
For instance:
Here are some trending tokens on an hourly and daily basis:
Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 4.05.28 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 4.05.47 PM.png
Notice two things:
Solana is trending in both
SUI is trending as a token
USDT is also a strong term
All of these three terms are tokens with search volume on socials + data which we can use to build content.

LunarCrush – ignore because the free plan is very limited


Start your search on Reddit or CoinMarketCap / CoinGecko
Why: Because most crypto native people are on Reddit
Why: Because information on Twitter comes from Reddit
Find a discussion thread / news article on a coin + metric
Find out what people are talking about in the comments (comments are a gold mine)
Confirm if this coin is on an uptrend / downtrend on Google Trends
Confirm if the coin is trending on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
Search for relevant keywords on Twitter [eg: Polygon + Users, etc.]
Validate this with:
Start writing your content using the same – coin + metric – as the social trends suggest

June 2024


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