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Between Two Blocks

A podcast about wealth.

We talk to influential people who know how to deal with money.

The goal? To have exciting conversations with the most exciting money people in India.

Podcast Title:

Between Two Blocks
Brown Boy Banter
What’s The Wealth
BrownRice Podcast
Dollars and cents

Podcast Description:

Between Two Blocks is a podcast about investment. But not your traditional investment podcast with episodes like – “Here’s How You Can Invest Your Money? – “Wealth Decisions You Should Make In Your 20s.”
No. This podcast is about investment, money, and the people who make it. But it’s not just any people investing not just any amount of money. It’s the most interesting and pivotal people in the world of Indian money. The people who’ve thought extensively about their investment decisions and how they impact their customers, the future, and the country.
People like marquee investors in the biggest venture capital funds, heads of the largest asset managers in the country, lawyers arguing for better investment decisions, and a lot more.
Listen in to learn about how the biggest investors make their investment decisions.
Full disclaimer: This podcast is brought to you by Brown Rice Capital, a crypto investment company for HNIs and Family Offices to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Goals and Objectives:

Fundamental: To talk to interesting people
Brand: To market BRC as the “trust” brand
Final: To remind HNIs + Family Offices that we know crypto
Long term: To establish BRC and its hosts as thought leaders in Indian crypto

Podcast Tone And Voice

At Brown Rice Capital, our mission is to empower individuals to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of wealth management, with a focus on existing and emerging asset classes. Our podcast aims to provide valuable insights, expert advice, and thought-provoking discussions on:
wealth creation
wealth innovation
wealth preservation
This is not just within the digital asset class but across asset classes regardless of incumbent or disruptors.
We want to come across in a voice that’s authoritative and trustworthy to a small but sophisticated audience.
Authoritative: We speak with authorities in the space of finance, wealth, and investment
Trustworthy: We build trust with our main listener cohort – wealthy individuals in India
In order to achieve this ☝️ we have to invite the right guests who will appeal to the right target audience.

Podcast Audience:

People who make investment decisions with specialists who they – trust and respect. This trust and respect cannot be earned immediately, because we have no name and no brand value. Hence, this trust and respect have to be borrowed through other people’s names i.e. our guests.
Our guests will be people our target audience – knows, has heard of, immediately recognizes, or knows what they stand for.
Based on this, the audience for our podcast will be:
Primary audience:
Family Offices
HNIs and UHNIs
Wealthy Individuals

Secondary audience:
Young entrepreneurs
Aspiring entrepreneurs
Crypto enthusiasts
Traditional finance enthusiasts

Equipment and Software:

Our podcast will be – audio and video. The podcast will be recorded in-person at a studio.
Equipment + Software needed:
Mics – 3 [for Sharan, Krishna, and the guest]
Shure SM7B: A professional-grade dynamic microphone with a warm, rich sound. It is often used by podcasters, broadcasters, and musicians.
Audio-Technica AT2020: A versatile condenser microphone with a clear, natural sound. It is a good option for podcasters on a budget.
Rode Procaster: A dynamic microphone designed specifically for podcasting. It has a built-in pop filter and gain control, making it easy to get a good sound.
Audio Interface – for multiple audio input connections with a laptop
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2: A simple and affordable audio interface with two XLR inputs.
PreSonus AudioBox USB 96: A versatile audio interface with two XLR inputs and two outputs.
MOTU M4: A high-quality audio interface with four XLR inputs.
Headphones – To block out external noise to hear things easily
Sony MDR7506
Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro

Recording Software
Adobe Audition


Guest selection
The guests will be a mix of →
Guest Outreach
1 to 10 – Organic contacts
10 to 30 – Outbound
30 to scale – Inbound


Episodes Structure

Each episode will be – 40 to 60 minutes long.
The conversation will proceed as:
Hook – use a short clip as an intro hook
A cold open – “So, we were chatting about earlier about Delhi 2020 when the RBI was just about to lose the case at the Supreme Court…”
Guest introduction – Simple introduction of the guest in your words and their
First meet – Funny story of how you first met the guest
Business – Their primary business and how they landed up in that position
Story #1
Story #2 – 3 Interesting stories about the guest based on pre-pod conversation/research
Story #3
Taking Risks – From stories segway into how the person took a major risk and how it paid off
💡 Investment – How do they invest their money
Diversification – What do they think of diversification of income/investments
Close and Plug“That’s it, everybody, that’s the show. And remember if you know someone who wants to invest in digital assets in a safe and compliant manner, then reach out to us at BrownRice.in. That’s B for Brown like the color of my skin, and R for rice, like what I eat for lunch every day.”

Episode Process

Each episode from outreach acceptance to posting should take 5 days.
D0 – Outreach accepted
D1 – Welcome Email
Schedule A Date
Schedule A Venue (either office or client location)
Share a questionnaire
D3 – Record
D3 – Thank You Email
Social Share – Twitter / LinkedIn
Guest referral
D4 – Post Production
D5 – Podcast Drop
Video drop on YT
Podcast drop on Spotify
Shared from official + guest handles
D7 / D10 / D15 – Short clips on all socials

June 2024

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