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Content that's not boring.


Business content is boring. Let’s change that.

Okay, what’s the problem.
Business content in India is boring. It’s either for the masses or for the elites. Both these categories have problems with it.
Content for the masses:
surface level
Content for the elite:
free and paid
intermediate to expert
The problem in both of ☝️ these is – personality. Both these categories of content have NO personality. Personality comes in two ways – face and voice.
Face: Branding
Voice: Tone
Step 1: Start by adding a face and voice.
Once we’ve added this. The face and voice needs to say something. That something needs to vibe with our target audience. A brief note on our target audience 👇
Our audience is – an Indian HNI or family office who’s interested in increasing their net worth by investing in crypto.
Age: 40 to 60
Wealth source: Traditional
Location: Tier 1-3 cities
Crypto interest: Low
Business interest: High
Given this target audience ☝️ we have to position our face and voice to reel in (get it?) this target audience.
Step 2: Figure out what to talk about.
Our content should be in the middle of:
But it should be – news (re:boring)
It should be – news...and. Preferably with 2 Ys.
news...and + y + y
This looks and sounds like an algebra problem. But it’s not. It’s a media problem.
News...and = news...and + why it happened + why does it matter to you.
Once these ☝️ questions are answered – we need to tell it in a way people understand.
And what do people understand the most?
Humor. Even if it’s lame, broken, cringy, and bad. Humor is the most easily understood. I mean have you ever tried translating a laugh? IT’S THE SAME IN EVERY LANGUAGE.
News...and = [news...and + why it happened + why does it matter to you] * [humor]
Step 3: Distribute the 💩 out of it.
Once we have – a face and a voice – and say something loud. We have to get people to hear it? (I mean, isn’t that the point of saying anything. To be heard?)
For this we need megaphones 📢
And the mega-est megaphone is – the internet.
Say something and a million (or a billion) people hear it. And get value from it.
We do this by spreading the message using megaphones like:
And whatever new megaphone the kids and into these days.


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