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A teacher has the important responsibility of imparting knowledge, skills, and lessons on kids and adults. The best teachers are passionate about the subjects they teach—and they’re passionate about transferring what they know to help develop a student’s capabilities.(Linkedin.com)

Monthly Pay With CPF Contributions (+20% employer contribution)
Early Childhood Educator
~$2,160 - ~$9,120
Special Education Teacher
~$3,144 - ~$7,844
MOE Teacher
~$3,100 - ~$9,500

Job Tasks

Foster interdisciplinary learning, teaching, and instruction according to national curriculum standards, and the educational needs and abilities of individuals and groups of students
Create a classroom culture that is welcoming, positive, and devotes the majority of time to instruction rather than discipline
Plan, prepare, and teach lessons, promoting the general progress and well-being of individual students and groups of students
Drive outstanding student achievement for all students in your classroom and support colleagues in driving student achievement school-wide
Communicate, cooperate, and consult with school staff, and parents/guardians in the students’ best interest
Build knowledge by attending continuing education seminars

Human Skills

Complex Problem Solving — Identifying complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions.
Conflict resolution — A teacher with strong conflict resolution skills can be patient and actively listen to take into account different perspectives and help look for a compromise.
Time management — Time management is a consistent theme for nearly all elements of teaching, including arranging the day, structuring the classroom, choosing how long and how frequently to teach particular courses, tracking student progress and keeping time-consuming behaviour challenges to a minimum.
Critical Thinking — Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problems.
Organization — Teachers often perform many tasks at once. There can be 30 or more students in a classroom. Teachers can develop the ability to to handle their resources and students' tasks well in order to be effective.
Patience — The ability to remain patient when maintaining a balance between your personal expectations and the particular talents and abilities of your students.
Communication — It is important for teachers to communicate well with students, parents and colleagues to teach well
Teamwork — Teamwork enables teachers to engage with other school staff in a friendly and effective manner.
Leadership — Successful teachers can lead both within and outside the classroom. Modelling conduct for students can help them build a commitment to study and establish a general sense of responsibility in life.
Creativity When teaching any age level, creativity is crucial for keeping pupils engaged. It's critical to be innovative while designing and delivering lessons to retain pupils' interest.

Hard Skills

Teaching degree, or in a degree in a specialized subject with a certificate in education
Knowledge of legal guidelines

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