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Human Resources Manager

For any company or organization, HR keeps people and processes performing at their best. HR managers maintain and develop effective internal procedures, handle employee-related issues, support recruiting and retention efforts, and keep performance at peak levels. Most importantly, these interpersonal experts are naturally good at identifying problems, finding solutions, and nurturing job satisfaction. (Linkedin.com)

Job Tasks

Support departments in the development and delivery of strategic HR plans to fit with the overall business direction
Plan, monitor, and appraise HR activities by scheduling management conferences with employees, hearing and resolving employee grievances, training managers to coach and discipline employees, and counseling employees and supervisors
Champion the onboarding process, ensuring the process is up to date and of high quality, providing clarity and connection for all employees and their role in relation to the overall vision
Maintain management guidelines by preparing, updating, and recommending human resource policies and procedures
Build strong relationships with external suppliers, fostering trust and promoting collaboration
Handle confidential matters with discretion

Human Skills

Communication — It is an important skill for effective human resources managers. As the intermediary between management and employees, human resources managers may work with a wide range of stakeholders with varying levels of authority and responsibility.
Administration — General administrative functions are part of a human resources manager's duties.
Recruitment and selection —They have excellent interviewing skills and can identify candidates with the right combination of competences and personality traits that align best with the company's culture, work environment and strategic objectives.
Coaching — Coaching skills are important for human resources managers as their work involves training and upgrading employees.
Judgment and Decision Making — Managers can advise management on new employment or work-related policies, implementation of updated labour regulations and provide expert advice on the right framing for a letter to the head of an employee union.
Language — The role of a human resources manager may demand fluency in several languages. In multinational companies, the human resources department may recruit staff across different countries.
Organisation — Human resources managers oversee a wide range of functions critical to the smooth operation of an organisation.
Teamwork — Working as a human resources manager requires being able to collaborate with other people to achieve common goals. Besides working with people in the department, managers may also liaise with other department heads, employees and even external stakeholders
Systems Analysis — Determining how a system should work and how changes in conditions, operations, and the environment will affect outcomes.

Technology Skills

Presentation software — Microsoft Office
HR management software — Oracle Peoplesoft
Communication software — MS Teams

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