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Wherever there is a patient in need of medical care, you can be sure there is a nurse working tirelessly to care for them. These healthcare professionals go through rigorous training to be able to successfully assess, monitor, and treat patients under the direction of a physician. (Linkedin.com)

Monthly salary
Salary Range
Assistant Nurse
S$1,700 – S$3,050
Senior Assistant Nurse
S$1,960 – S$3,920
Principal Assistant Nurse
S$2,590 – S$4,400
Staff Nurse
S$2,200 – S$4,450
Senior Staff Nurse
S$3,100 – S$6,300
Assistant Nurse Clinician
S$4,060 – S$6,860
Nursing Officer (Manager/Educator/Clinician)
S$4,560 – S$9,230
There are no rows in this table

Job Tasks

Identify, assess, and monitor patients’ health conditions
Administer medications and provide treatment according to physician’s orders
Provide health education, medication review, healthcare coordination, and specialist referrals
Monitor blood pressure and chronic conditions
Ensure that all treatments and medications are fully documented in patients’ health records

Human Skills

Complex Problem Solving — Identifying complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions.
Critical Thinking — Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problems.
Communication skills — This involves observing, active listening and empathising. It's important for a nurse to have good communication skills so that it reduces the chances of miscommunication and confusion.
Time management and stamina — Nurses are usually busy individuals with many tasks to complete in a limited amount of time. Managing time well may help a nurse get through work promptly.
Teamwork — Nurses often work in a team, together with other nurses and doctors. Having good teamwork skills ensures a healthy workplace and helps to improve professional relationships between co-workers.
Ethics and confidentiality — Being ethical in their daily work is crucial since the decisions and actions nurses take can help save a patient's life. Nurses must also uphold strict patient confidentiality standards to ensure they don't release sensitive and personal medical information without a patient's permission.

Technology Skills

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software — Epic; Cerner; MEDITECH
Medical database software — Custom made software is prominent when handling sensitive information
Understanding images generated by medical machinery — X-ray; MRI scans

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