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Clinical Specialist

A doctor, also commonly referred to as a physician or medical practitioner, is responsible for evaluating, diagnosing, advising, and treating patients who come in with specific medical issues, or for routine care, such as an annual exam. Some doctors choose to pursue a specialization during their schooling and residencies, while others become primary care doctors.

Salary Range: S$80,000 to S$90,000 per year
Other titles: Clinical Applications Specialist, Clinical Manager


Job Tasks

Evaluate patients and provide appropriate medical attention and treatment for routine care, various illnesses, and injuries
Create care plans, coordinate diagnostic tests and other services, and counsel patients on preventive healthcare practices
Prescribe, administer, and dispense medication and supplements in accordance with state and federal regulations
Document all patient evaluations, treatments, medications, and transactions according to organizational policies and procedures
Manage and oversee a team of medical assistants to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations

Human Skills

Problem-solving and critical thinking skills — Doctors use these skills to assess symptoms, diagnose conditions and develop a treatment regimen for those in their care.
Communication skills — Doctors spend their days interacting with patients and colleagues, which means that they need solid communication skills to succeed in their roles.
Attention to detail — Medicine is a highly detail-oriented field where seemingly small details can make all the difference in diagnosing a patient properly.
Interpersonal skills —Interpersonal skills help doctors build rapport with their patients and colleagues. For doctors, these interpersonal skills are often referred to as having a positive bedside manner, which means they can interact on a personable, mature and empathetic level with patients.
Professionalism — Doctors must operate under certain guidelines of professionalism to ensure patients feel safe and secure.

Technology Skills

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software — Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH
Medical database software — Custom made software is prominent when handling sensitive information
Understanding images generated by medical machinery — X-ray, MRI scans

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