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Creative Copywriter

Copywriters work for agencies (e.g., marketing or advertising agencies) or directly for organizations, including private companies, nonprofits, and even the government. Day-to-day, copywriters are tasked with writing clear and concise copy for ads, marketing materials, and websites, for virtually any audience and any industry. (Linkedin.com)

Salary Range: S$34,000 to S$63,000 per year

Job Tasks

Interpret creative briefs to develop and produce creative concepts through execution on assigned brands
Research and understand the client's needs and target audiences, through online searches, reviews of existing research, interviews with subject matter experts, and in-person meetings
Write original copy and edit content for a range of corporate marketing and communications materials
Collaborate with a team of account managers and creative staff from concept development to delivery of final product
Present copy concepts and final deliverables to internal team, and to client representative as needed, and participate in client pitches on occasion
Revise copy based on internal and client feedback/direction

Human Skills

Complex Problem Solving — Identifying complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions.
Communication Skills — The ability to speak up during meetings, collaborate with colleagues and clients and initiate sales pitches when necessary may all be ways that communication skills help copywriters be successful.
Creative Thinking — Creative thinking skills that help these professionals succeed in their roles can include the ability to build new connections between concepts and find innovative ways to promote brands and businesses.
Strong Writing Skills — The ability to convey ideas that ultimately persuade an audience to take action in writing is a skill that all copywriters should have.
Research skills — Strong research skills are a must for any copywriter, especially when it comes to more complex types of writing projects like white papers or technical guides.

Technology Skills

Communication software — MS Teams
Writing software — Google Docs; Microsoft Word
Basic web design knowledge — Coding on Front End (JavaScript, GitHub)
Basic illustration knowledge — Photoshop; Adobe

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