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Community Specialist

A Community Relations Manager develops strategy and programs designed to represent a company favorably, and make positive contributions to the community. Their role is to nurture relationships between a company and its employees, external organizations, the media, and their local and virtual community. (Linkedin.com)

Salary Range: S$73,380 per year
Other titles: Community Manager, Communications Specialist, Communications Coordinator


Job Tasks

Organize community outreach programs and coordinate special events that promote products, services, or ideas of the company
Draft and distribute various communications that promote the company, as well as individuals or groups within the company
Attend relevant events and activities to represent the company and build strong relationships with key community members
Respond to inquiries from community members and other interested parties – when needed, recruit a knowledgeable spokesperson or information source to assist
Build cross-functional relationships within the company and promote
Plan, coordinate, and execute public press conferences, working with third party PR agencies when necessary
Manage social media content plans and virtual groups to enhance the online profile of the company

Human Skills

Adaptability — A good community manager is adaptable to different situations and trends.
Communication skills — One important skill to master as a community manager is communication. Communication takes place very frequently in your line of work, be it in written, visual or verbal format. Thus, it's crucial to know how to communicate clearly and effectively with your audience so that they can gain a deeper understanding of your brand and act upon your intended call-to-actions.
Active listening — Apart from learning how to communicate, it's equally important to be an active listener to your audience. As part of the daily responsibilities, a community manager seeks feedback from the online community and learns about their complaints regarding the company's products or services.
Observational skills — Good observation skills include the ability to monitor social media activity and being aware of the latest or slightest changes to consumer behaviour or sentiments.
Creativity — A community manager may be creative and open to new ideas or strategies. This helps you to appeal to consumers in a more interesting and engaging manner by adopting innovative ways to connect with your audience.
Time management — A community manager may possess time management skills to handle the different aspects of a brand's social media presence. This includes managing the company's social media accounts, planning content schedules and liaising with different departments to ensure a consistent marketing strategy.

Technology Skills

Social media — Instagram; Facebook; Twitter etc.
Social media manager — NapoleanCat; Keyhole
Communication software — MS Teams

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