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Customer Success Specialist

A customer success specialist develops and maintains long-term business relationships by serving as an internal advocate and client liaison. Typically a “people person,” by nature, they have a hybrid of soft and hard skills required to master technology and manage customer relationships. (Linkedin.com)

Salary Range: S$55,000 to S$78,000 per year
Other titles: Customer Success Manager, Customer Service Agent


Job Tasks

Serve as day-to-day contact for assigned accounts, building trust and rapport while identifying areas of opportunity, highlighting best practices, and documenting them
Review the customer journey, identifying how it’s supported, taking a consultative approach in helping clients overcome issues and achieve goals
Facilitate interaction and workflow between project team members, including third-party service providers, to ensure deliverables are on time
Collaborate, problem solve, and/or strategize upcoming client meetings with team members
Prepare necessary documentation or visuals for client to demonstrate performance of campaigns; analyze trends in C-Sat/NPS scores to identify areas of improvement
Work with the sales and marketing team to drill customer references and develop case studies

Human Skills

Attention to detail — Customer success managers often analyse customer feedback to make changes to workplace policies.
Empathy — Empathy can help customer success managers by allowing them to understand other people's experiences. Understanding a customer's feedback on a product may help CS professionals devise improvements and increase customer satisfaction.
Organisational skills — Effective management often requires a level of organisation. Having organisational skills may assist customer success managers by improving their work efficiency.
Writing skills — Customer success managers often require writing skills to help them create clear and informative policies. Having a variety of writing skills can assist CS professionals in communicating with customers.

Technology Skills

Data visualisation software/tools — Excel; Python; Tableau
Presentation software — Microsoft Office
Communication software — Zoom; MS Teams; Google Meet
Survey generating software — Surveymonkey; Google Forms

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