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Cyber Security Specialist

A cybersecurity specialist uses their technology expertise and training to ensure that an organization’s sensitive data remains secure from both internal and external threats, including cyber crime and unauthorized use. (Linkedin.com)

Salary Range: S$3,000 to S$7,000 per month
Other titles: Digital Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing Strategist, SEO Specialist, Social Media Marketer

Job Tasks

Collect data on current security measures for risk analysis and write regular systems-status reports
Constantly monitor for attack and run appropriate defensive protocols if breaches occur
Conduct vulnerability testing to identify weaknesses and collaborate with cybersecurity team to update defensive protocols as necessary
Configure anti-virus systems, firewalls, data centers and software updates with a security-first mindset
Grant credentials to authorized users, monitor access-related activities and check for unregistered information changes
Help lead employee training against phishing and other forms of cyberattack

Human Skills

Communication skills — As they're working through problems, assessing risks or updating systems, cyber security specialists will need to communicate these functions to people who do not have the same technical vocabulary and experience.
Adaptability — Technology moves quickly, and new types of threats arise frequently. Cyber security professionals should be able to learn new technologies quickly, adjust processes and systems readily and adapt to change easily.
Time management skills — Cyber security issues can be numerous and varied. Learning how to manage your time effectively can help you succeed in a fast-paced, demanding profession.
Critical Thinking — Constantly evolving threat requires Cyber Security Specialists to constantly think ahead to prevent data breach

Technology Skills

Networking software — Cisco packet tracer
Access management — Cyber security professionals may work to develop and manage which members of an organization have access to certain systems and information and how they obtain it. This may include identity verification, monitoring and security alerts.
Risk identification and management — A critical part of a cyber security specialist's job is identifying areas that may be vulnerable to internal or external manipulation
Automation implementation — The development and application of automated systems is becoming increasingly popular. Cyber security specialists should understand this new technology in order to gage the risks and benefits of using it in an organization or transitioning certain security tasks to an automated process.

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