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Favourite Objects of the Characters [Temporary Exhibition]

Our imagined characters have favourite objects in the Museum and Art Gallery
The imagined characters have each chosen a favourite 💙 artefact in the museum and art gallery.
Find them by the luggage tag 🏷 or following the character’s story page for more information as to why this is their favourite object, in this building.

Choose your next step:

Mining Pick Axe [Window on Berwick]

Knight's Helmet (replica) [Medieval Gallery]

Coble Boat and Equipment [Window on Berwick]

Swords (replica) [Medieval Gallery]

Stick of rock [Window on Berwick]

Doll's House [between Medieval and Burrell Galleries]

Souvenir Tea Pot [Window on Berwick]

Glass Brewery Bottles [Window on Berwick]

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