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Why do museums have replica objects? [Burrell Gallery]

Museums sometimes create replicas, like the swords🗡 or knights’ armour etc. 𐂫 you can see in our galleries.
Can you think of any reasons why a museum would do that?
There are a few reasons why replicas are made;
The examples they hold are too fragile to display and require to be kept in special environmental conditions.
The museum’s example might not be 100% complete and so getting a replica made would help tell the visitor identify the object better.
Create them for use as handling objects to explore the way the object was made, what it might feel like, weigh, etc.

3D printing nowadays can be very helpful in creating cheap replicas which can be used for closer analysis and testing theories in a practical way.
Some replicas are manufactured or made the same as the original versions and provide more knowledge to the topic by someone experiencing the process first-hand.

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