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Introduction and How to Play [Shop/Reception]

Learn what to do and how to do it.
👋 Hello there!
Thanks for joining the adventure, you will explore an imagined event while wandering around Berwick Museum and Art Gallery.
Starting with the L S Lowry painting, Beach Scene found in the gallery [Temporary Exhibition] behind the shop, you will explore the museum and art gallery through the eyes of teenagers from The Grove School, using QR codes and your smart phone.
L S Lowry Beach Scene c1960s.jpeg
L S Lowry, Beach Scene, c1960s.
Bought by Museums Northumberland in 2020 with support from from Art Fund, Arts Council England, The Friends of Berwick and District Museum and Archives, and the Guild of Freemen of the town of Berwick.
The students chose a figure in the painting and IMAGINED a backstory for them linked to a favourite object which is on display somewhere in the museum.
They IMAGINED the painting showed a massive celebration in September 1945 when peace was declared ending the Second World War. The painting is dated from the 1960s, however, that doesn’t mean we cannot pretend about histories and activities for objects and paintings in museums.
Play on your phone and make your own choices using the luggage labels 🏷. Find a character with an IMAGINED BACK STORY and visit their favourite OBJECT and EXPLORE the building.
GREEN TEXT are facts and true
ORANGE TEXT are imagined and made up

How to Play

Read the information about the object/person/information on your phone.
Then, you make a choice to decide what you wish to find out next from the choices; “Choose your next step:”
GoTo to the [room] indicated by your choice in “Choose your next step,”
Find the luggage tag 🏷 which has your choice written on it
Read about the character or object displayed
Make your choice of what you would like to know next
GoTo 1 and REPEAT

You can always return to this page by the Guidance button on bottom left of the screen.

Using QR Codes on your phone

QR Codes will take you direct to the information;
How to use a QR Code on Android phone
Open Google Lens App
Screenshot 2021-10-17 at 16.10.54.png
Point camera at QR Code
Tap the magnifying glass icon to scan the QR Code
Tap the pop-up notification
Browser will open on webpage
How to use a QR Code on an iPhone;
Open the phone’s camera app and look at the QR Code
When the camera sees the QR code it will put a YELLOW box around it
It will ask you if you want to visit website
Tap the screen to agree
Browser will open on webpage

You can always return to this page by the Introduction button on bottom left of the screen.

You will go all over the Museum and the whole story is about 20 minutes.

Choose your next step and GoTo [room]:

Choose an imagined character from L S Lowry painting [Temporary Exhibition]

The Second World War in Berwick [Medieval Gallery]

Timetable of the Second World War [Shop/Reception]

How was the project created? [Temporary Gallery]

More about Berwick Museum and Art Gallery [Shop/Reception]

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