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Choose an imagined character from L S Lowry painting [Temporary Exhibition]

Which of these figures would you like to learn more about?
The painting is very new to the gallery. It was bought by Museums Northumberland in 2020 with support from from Art Fund, Arts Council England, The Friends of Berwick and District Museum and Archives, and the Guild of Freemen of the town of Berwick.
We know that L S Lowry visited Berwick for his summer holidays with his first visits in 1930s until his last visit in 1975.
People familiar with Lowry’s painting style estimate this one to have been painted in the 1960s, however, we wanted to imagine it had been painted as an event which was the celebration of Berwick residents at the end of the Second World War, in 1945.
Students from The Grove School in Berwick thought the painting could depict the large crowd that gets together and celebrates no more blackouts, air raids or having their friends and family away from home fighting in Europe and elsewhere in the world.
Each student picked a figure in the painting and then let their mind wander to an object in the museum’s cases and created mini stories about these thoughts.

Lowry names.jpg
The picture above shows the characters chosen, select the number for whoever you wish to hear about first.

Choose your next step:

Louise, maid at Paxton House [13] [Temporary Gallery]

Shadow the Aircraft Carrier [14] [Temporary Gallery]

Captain Smith [15] [Temporary Gallery]

Harry McGuire [16] [Temporary Gallery]

James Smith [17] [Temporary Gallery]

Lady Rose [19] [Temporary Gallery]

Sooty the dog [20] [Temporary Gallery]

Wojtek the bear soldier [Not in painting] A real character from the War. [Temporary Gallery]

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