1.6 Weekly Team Reports
220114 Weekly Report

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Top weekly accomplishments

App content
Delivered “script” outline to Justin for his voiceovers
Copy review of onboarding materials for the site
Content meeting w/ Justin—identified 4 areas we’ll be supporting:
Onboarding welcome screens
“Tips” placed strategically throughout the app
New one-page site copy revisions
Email communications w/ current users and waitlist
Landing page for 5-minute version is in the works—I directed Justin on formatting and he built the page on RS site
Met w/ Terri to walk her through collecting several weekly metrics not currently automated
Got Terri access to FB page, Twitter and ActiveCampaign (FSC email system) so she can pull stats weekly on Thursdays EOD
Roughed out simple metrics dashboard so we can track progress week over week on all top-line stats
Got designer started on lead magnet redesign (1 week turnaround time)
Autonomy meeting to realign priorities around app ads
Edited social video from Friday’s Q&A session with Josh
Drafted landing page for Market Forecast summit
Modified the page to eliminate “blank” header space on homescreen
Added Wordpress plugin to integrate WooCommerce w/ Zoom

Weekly Targets

Highest priority

App promo
w/ Justin, build landing page for new app users
Finish building funnel for first wave of general DRS list invites
Invite most-engaged users into the app (830, hoping for 7-9% conversion rate)

App video
Finish 1.5 min. cut of app trailer
Add Justin’s new VOs to full-length webinar
App content
Finish reviewing David’s copy for 4 evergreen articles
From that text, w/ David, create first draft of Constitution (to be shared in Discord)
Work on metrics dashboard w/ Justin. Google Analytics directly?
Social metrics automated (investigate, anyway)
Add bumpers and into/outro to replay
Captions + translations
Lead magnet — make sure it’s implemented

Near term

App focus
Work w/ Liz on customer service/questions line — develop SOP for responding to folks on Slack/Email/Kajabi
Rough out a content calendar for app promo
Email schedule
Social accounts


Work out messaging on the app’s “free trial” period for current users
App metrics
Work out Firebase and Google Analytics targets to get a dashboard of KPIs going — always up to date, automated
Overhaul Autonomy reporting mechanism — NEED month over month for KPIs
Key terms to search and associated topics to create lookalike audiences
Map out additional ad creative needs for next round of ad spend
Project management tool through the end of the year
Get R set up as premium instructor on Udemy


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