1.6 Weekly Team Reports
220107 Weekly Report

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Weekly Top Accomplishments


Managed team and content meetings
Proofed, approved and/or created 4 social posts
DRS list growth (currently 2,167)
Initiated creative idea for this week’s RR
Got Josh Rhodes Fridays rolling again
Received and thoroughly reviewed Udemy’s policies for 7P, set plan


Provided ongoing support and management for team
1:1’s with R
Processed weekly invoices for payment
Noted weekly/monthly metrics for DRS and FSC for stat sheet that will be managed by Terri, met with Dan/Terri to kick this off by end of month
Participated in RiskSmith business roadmap meeting
Read and commented on RiskSmith business roadmap
Reviewed accounting data for DRS enterprises for October, all is tracking per budget
Answered TM legal questions


Giving Tuesday emails, not great response ($200-ish), but did add 21 renewals, 11 new members and 2 new Analyst members
Wrote up agenda/outline and arranged meeting with Jake Bernstein to kick of FSC Market Forecast ‘22
Established FSC/DRS billing policy until end of year

Top Weekly Objectives


DRS Book
Social posts – send the video again with different text -- boost
Get Risk Ritual published
Plan social video shoot
Read DRS Brand Ideas
Plan for driving traffic to app – work on creative
Get mastering risk done – onbrand – look at all FB creative
Find social ad person on trends
Implement Udemy plan
Study eco.com
App brand
Review copy for new App website
Set meeting for Justin/Content team for Tuesday, 11A


Budget through Q1 ’22 across RMSI
Guide metric project to completion
Content Meetings
Graphs/Metrics – get weekly stat sheet (Terri)
Process invoices
2022 Budgets
Find shared Content Team space and get used
Overall plan – brand, fsc, app
Project board for Dec/Jan
Finish current TM project


Newsletter published
Jake Meeting
FSC social posts – Ron William, save date for 2022 Market Forecast
FSC Cycles TV with Dr. Richard Smith
Jake event – Jan 6 – timeline
Find, recruit, onboard a Marketing Manager for FSC
Michael Levitan, talk about position with FSC
Obtain R’s signature on Harriman House contract and send to Craig
Complete review Mark’s files / get ICloud access from Mandy
Contact Ron William about Dec

Top Strategic Objectives

Consolidate learnings / analysis
Ensure all 7P Cohort 2 are in the app
Work on weekly blog for app users
Strategize and implement FB and other social ads funnel to the app
Convert our list to app
DRS Masterclass
DRS web update
Do webinar on app – drive traffic
Continue building DRS list


Discuss Chairman and Executive Director posts with R
Redesign Mastering Risk
Podcast push
Project management top task board established
Website update
New screens for App
Finish Trademark filings
Podcast Plan
YouTube plan
Name the Q&A – Richard’s rants – Risk Report


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