1.6 Weekly Team Reports
211105 Weekly Report

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Top weekly accomplishments

Video production
Wrote extensive outline for Friday app video shoot w/ Richard and Justin
App content strategy meeting w/ Justin, Bill, Liz
Booked a room at Embarc
Editing template revisions to match app branding
Finished 7PSI course and campaign metrics analysis
Successes in bringing users into the app environment
Email performance analysis
Thorough review of survey responses
Presentation of all demographic data
Recorded Friday Q+A and delivered social video edit
Directed Bill on Zoom recording SOP
Update FSC letterhead templates for Richard
Resolved two membership problems from FSC site

Weekly Targets

Highest priority

App video shoot
Pre-production w/ Stephen E. — setting, composition, shotlist
Pre-production w/ Justin and Bill — get the “script” in working order for Friday
Preparation for edit — begin on graphics and animations needed
Advise on the shoot day as needed
RISK Rituals Thursday; produce any graphics needed. Backup video edit if needed
Updated lead magnet design (designer is back in touch; moving this up the priority list)
Plan w/ Bill on communication w/ latest cohort of 7PSI students
Autonomy ad objectives and budget agreed upon

Near term

App focus
Work w/ Liz on customer service/questions line — develop SOP for responding to folks on Slack/Email/Kajabi
Get into app Google Analytics
Advise on app site landing page / funnel map
Rough out a content calendar for app promo
Email schedule
Social accounts
Need a new ad plan. Explore other platforms: Instagram, YouTube to start with
Map out creative assets needed for that
What do we have on the brand so far that we can pull in?
Potentially revise app demo videos into ads. New graphics?
7P accounting — get Autonomy and FSC paid
Deliver the assets to Autonomy we described in last meeting


Work out messaging on the app’s “free trial” period for current users
App metrics
Work out Firebase and Google Analytics targets to get a dashboard of KPIs going — always up to date, automated
Overhaul Autonomy reporting mechanism — NEED month over month for KPIs
Key terms to search and associated topics to create lookalike audiences
Map out additional ad creative needs for next round of ad spend
Project management tool through the end of the year


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