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211001 Weekly Report

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Top weekly accomplishments

7PSI Promo
Delivered animated voice-over video narrated by Josh Rhodes
Optimized sales page for mobile viewing
Created Zapier automation to pull sales into spreadsheet for metrics report
Delivered 7 promo videos, one for each Principle (to be used for ads and as content)
Directed Autonomy on ads for social
Ongoing collaboration w/ Liz and Bill on messaging and language used in the launch
Webinar prep
FB ad library research to supply Autonomy with new ad creative
Designed template for PowerPoint presentation for the webinar
Pre-production in Kajabi: started registration page; streaming page; signup box
YouTube channel overhaul
Added 5 7PSI promo videos
Created playlist for all 7PSI-related content going forward
Custom thumbnails for all videos
Annotations and end screens for all videos to interlink
Captions for all videos
All descriptions point to landing page
Reclaimed access to Google Analytics account (will be sharing with the rest of the team)
Got access to RiskSmith Mailchimp; audience overlaps with Dr. Smith list by 85%
Meeting w/ Autonomy on campaign support through Oct. 18 (when course begins)

Weekly Targets

7PSI metrics — full rundown of our learnings from the ongoing campaign
Including inbound traffic analysis on Google Analytics (with internal traffic filtered out)
Webinar prep
Finish template design and build the presentation w/ Bill and Liz
Finish registration page (early in the week)
Design new graphics for FB ads for webinar
Deliver new creative to Autonomy for use this week
7PSI promo
Build out email automation for new subscribers
Add course promo to site homepage
Finish affiliate delivery — email copy set; affiliate codes in place and tested
Finish new sticky header on landing page design
7PSI ads
Keyword research in FB ads library; deliver new tailored audiences to Autonomy for testing
Full review of Autonomy’s current ads; get approval requirement for all creative
Google ads
Revisions to course
Add new “holy grail” portfolio that Richard created
Draft portfolio PDF for delivery during the course
Add captions to the videos

Get Richard, Terri, Bill all added as managers for Google Analytics account
Check on Shape of Risk page metrics with the text intro in place
w/ Liz, work out script and recording mechanism for app tutorial videos
Check w/ designer on revised lead magnet design
Do an audit of our email subject lines. Want to maintain our current high open rates


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