1.5 Weekly Team Reports NEW
210924 Weekly Report

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Weekly Top Accomplishments


Final edits on sales page. Went live on 7P sales page – 27 sales as of 4P Friday. Another sales email goes out Saturday.
Managed team and content meetings
Provide QA and approval for all social messages and list emails
Prepped and held meeting with Dan and Autonomy
Watched RiskSmith branding meeting videos
EOW 7P organization meet with Dan & Liz, set targets for upcoming week and beyond
Reviewed/edited/commented on all emails, landing page, ads, videos and other copy for 7P
Organized posting the Acquirers podcast for Thursday DRS content to list
DRS list has hit 1,400
Worked out cohort email schedule
Received Josh Rhodes’ take 2 of voice over FB ad
Established rules for email sequence
Email for help from Ericho in getting word out on 7P


Weekly meet with Josh Rhodes
Weekly strategy meeting participation
Provided ongoing support and management for team
1:1’s with R
Processed weekly invoices for payment
Proofed R’s self-bio for RS investors


Zoom with Lars to get his input on filing Mark’s position
Wrote organization/function bullets to be used in JD for Marketing Manager for FSC
Reviewed Virginia compliance document, recommended actions to R
Commented on FSC JD for Lars
FSC meet with R

Top Weekly Objectives


Get a grip on ads, social, retargeting from Autonomy
Ensure email schedule is adhered to
Conceive and schedule webinar
Email “friends and family” email
Write affiliate email
Work out FSC ad for class
Podcast Plan
YouTube plan
Obtain targets on next cohort task list
Revise 7PSI extracurricular content / plan
Name the Q&A – Richard’s rants – Risk Report
DRS Book
Idea for FSC newsletter / 7P promotion


Budget vs. actual / accounting review and comment
VA compliance
Content Meetings
Graphs/Metrics – get weekly stat sheet (Terri)
Careful review of CFO Alliance reporting
GTM Strategy Team Meeting
Process invoices
Continue to develop brand/app pivot plan
Get RiskSmith budget to Justin for additions
CFO Alliance meeting
Liz’s payment split between FSC and DRS
Metrics meeting with Dan/Terri to develop stat sheet and graphs
Find shared Content Team space and get used


Participate in FSC Ops meeting
Find, recruit, onboard a Marketing Manager for FSC
Put together a transition and hiring plan
Ensure FSC renewals are automated in CRM
Obtain R’s signature on Harriman House contract and send to Craig, notify Jonas re: Mark


Secure URL for masterclasses
Podcast push
Establish Rocks for personal brand
Project management top task board established
Website update
New screens for App
Metrics meeting with Dan – new dashboard for brand
Finish Trademark filings


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