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1.5 RMSI Weekly Reports

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210924 Weekly Report

For the week ending September 24, 2021

RMSI Team Weekly Highlights

7 Principles course fully launched and on sale!
27 sales so far; $4,554 in revenue
Course promotion machine in full effect:
Ads retooled for course
Email campaign rolling w/ carefully segmented audiences
Video promos continuing to roll out now through the end of the sales period
List hits 1,400 subscribers w/ ongoing average of 25-30% open rates
FSC coordination into higher gear: met w/ Lars on organizational needs

Team’s Weekly Detailed Reports



Priority Weekly Targets


7PSI: second full week of sales
Email campaign, continually revising based on performance so far
Ads, similarly updated dynamically as data rolls in
New Principles + voiceover videos out
Build automated promo sequence for new subscribers
Plan webinar for the week prior to course beginning (Oct. 18)


Build out metrics for 7PSI launch — all top-level learnings fully documented
Collaborate w/ Justin on app integration w/ the course
Overhaul Autonomy’s reporting mechanisms
Budget vs. actual


FSC ops meeting
Ensure FSC renewals are automated in CRM
Obtain R’s signature on Harriman House contract and send to Craig, notify Jonas re: Mark

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