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1.5 RMSI Weekly Reports

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211001 Weekly Report

For the week ending October 1, 2021

RMSI Team Weekly Highlights

7 Principles course sales rolling
38 sales so far; $6.738 in revenue
Messaging refined as we learn what’s working
Emails retooled for course
Ads honed for new audiences
Video promos continuing to roll out now through the end of the sales period
List growth rate increasing; currently at 1,491 and adding approx. 150 per week
Webinar pre-production: Josh Rhodes to host; ad copy conceived; presentation templated

Team’s Weekly Detailed Reports



Priority Weekly Targets


7PSI: third full week of sales
Email campaign, continually revising based on performance so far
Ads, similarly updated dynamically as data rolls in
Focus shifts to webinar; direct Autonomy accordingly
App tutorials prepped to go along with the course


Finish 7PSI launch metrics — all top-level learnings fully documented
Overhaul Autonomy’s reporting mechanisms
Budget vs. actual


Cycles TV witih Richard
Ensure FSC renewals are automated in CRM
Obtain R’s signature on Harriman House contract and send to Craig, notify Jonas re: Mark

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