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1.5 RMSI Weekly Reports

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210827 Weekly Report

For the week ending August 27, 2021

RMSI Team Weekly Highlights

26 new wait list additions for the app; page is converting at 42% (absolutely through the roof!)
Brand mailing list now at 928; on-target for 1,000 by time of course launch
Entire 7PSI course promo mapped and into production. Course delivery scheduled 1 month out
App + brand collaboration and alignment closer than ever. All efforts toward building an engaged, excited, educated audience for the app
FSC planning well in hand: Bill, Liz, Terri have immediate needs named and met

Team’s Weekly Detailed Reports



Priority Weekly Targets


7PSI promo
Landing page DONE
All funnels drafted and tested
Autonomy: ads set up and ready to be deployed
Revise course materials to align with the app


Continued focus on alignment w/ app and brand
Budget vs. actual


Current outstanding duties split among current staff
Job description written; begin look for new hire
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