Digit's Guide to Competency Based Hiring

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Digit's Competency-First Hiring Approach

At Digit, our most valuable asset is our people, and recruiting is at the cornerstone of our success. Unlike traditional hiring processes that focus solely on evaluating a candidate’s skills and technical qualifications, we leverage a holistic, outcome- and competency-based hiring approach.

What are outcomes and competencies?

Outcomes are the goals or signifiers of success for a role.
What needs to be achieved by this role?
What would a successful hire have accomplished a year from now?
Competencies are a combination of skills and attributes.
What skills, knowledge, and technical qualifications would a person have to be able to achieve the outcomes for this role?
What behavioral characteristics, personality attributes, and individual aptitudes would a person have to be able to achieve the outcomes for this role?


Why is it important?

Competency-based hiring is more objective: A competency framework allows you to focus on true performance indicators rather than perceived attributes of potential success (i.e. years of experience, academic backgrounds, education levels).
Diversity, equity, and inclusion: Competency-based interviews help minimize bias, increasing your ability to hire candidates from diverse backgrounds. With a standardized framework of competencies, you focus on hiring candidates who meet your requirements regardless of their age, sex, ethnicity, religion, or other considerations that have little or no bearing on their ability to perform.
Increase quality and reduce turnover: Identifying the drivers of a specific role’s future success allows for a better assessment of candidates in your pipeline, competency-based hiring can help you identify candidates who are more likely to succeed at your organization.
Excelling through ambiguity: By implementing a competency-based approach to recruiting, you can leverage your employees’ skills and talent in times of uncertainty or unanticipated change. Since competencies are readily transferable across work situations, competency-based hiring can help your organization function effectively even during a crisis.

How Digit uses Coda to level-up hiring:

At Digit, we’ve leveraged Coda to build a structured model that supports our Hiring efforts and processes. It takes out the guesswork, and it’s scalable. It streamlines our process so we make hires faster, with a higher degree of confidence.

What can you do with this doc?

Open and manage Jobs with an outcomes-and-competency based approach
Organize your company’s interview question bank for any standardized loops (e.g. technical roles)
Empower and ramp up your interviewers by managing interview certifications

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