Launch Event Presentation

United Independents Presentation notes

[please read and reply to confirm that you are clear and empowered]
PURPOSE OF PITCH The primary purpose of your pitch is to create a video recording invitation for people clicking around on the backend of Local Stewards Academy to watch this video, learn about your Course and engage.
The secondary purpose is to communicate with folks live on the Zoom inviting them into your Course.
OUTLINE 1) INTRO (quickly establish your own authority)
2) CONTEXT / TOPICAL EDUCATION (jump straight into a couple minutes of real value-add education on the topic, context, systemic problems, stats, pain points, relevance of the specific topical domain of your Course - draw people in by educating them)
3) SOLUTION (restate the goal / ideal to work towards… the nature of the impact being sought after / the value that can be created by developing specific skills)
4) COURSE OVERVIEW (take the viewer on a quick journey of the Course… what topics will be covered, what capacities they will be receiving, and what type of actions they will be supported in taking - use a combination of general concepts AND concrete / tangible language) 5) WARM INVITATION TO JOIN COURSE
DURATION: 6-9 MINS (keep it value-rich and punchy!)
EVERGREEN REMINDER Please omit any time-relevant statements… like ‘join me this Fall’ or anything like that. General language. Imagine that someone is watching this video recording at 3am 4 months from now as they are scoping out all the different recorded Courses they can take in the Local Stewards back-end.
LOGISTICS - Stable Internet - Front Lit (lighting coming onto your face) - Quiet Environment - Use Virtual Background (we will email you a Virtual Background and basic instructions of how to use it)
NOTE ON ‘JUST IN TIME’ DEV It’s OK if you are not totally clear about EVERY ONE of your modules… or every detail. The essence of your Course is clear… so just speak generally as needed and I will keep working with you to make sure that everything is buttoned up in time!
The next priority is YOU making a great, clear, compelling, educational, inspirational, RECORDED Course Pitch/Overview/Invitation on SATURDAY! :)
Please respond to me that you have read this.
Warning: I will keep pestering you until I hear back from you! :)
We are so grateful to be partnering with you!!!
Let’s go!
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