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Yes, it's been a minute, but I have something exciting to share.
I'm launching the first iteration of my course on "Facilitation & Conflict Resolution" this fall. I would love for you to be a part of it.
Not only would I enjoy sharing this important part of my life with you, but I believe that sharing these skills far and wide is essential to our personal, familial, and national healing. I also want to have a ton of people join to help me, so I can launch my training programs in style.
I have made a discount code for Friends and Family (F&F10) so you can join the course for only $10.
Register and learn more here: and use the discount code F&F10 at checkout.
Please share with anyone who wants to grow as a leader, deepen relationships, or simply desires to find more ease and confidence with conflict.
The course includes six modules, on alternating Thursdays, from Oct 5 - Dec 14 at 4:30-6pm PT / 7:30-8pm ET.
F&F10 ($10)
CDP15 ($15)
INVITE10 ($10)
ADS23 (25
Hey there!
I'm thrilled to let you know that I'm launching my "Facilitation & Conflict Resolution" workshop this fall, and I'd be absolutely delighted if you could be a part of it.
This is a pretty big deal for me, and I truly believe that these skills can make a real difference in our lives, families, and even on a larger scale. Plus, I could use some awesome folks like you to kickstart this journey with me.
Here's the sweet part – I've set up a special discount code just for Friends and Family (F&F10), so you can snag a spot in the course for only $10.
To learn more and register, head over to: and remember to use the code F&F10 when you check out.
Feel free to share this with anyone who's looking to grow as a leader, strengthen their relationships, or simply wants to handle conflicts more smoothly.
The course runs for six modules, every other Thursday, starting from October 5th to December 14th, at 4:30-6pm PT / 7:30-8pm ET.
Your presence in this would truly mean the world to me. Let's learn and grow together!
[Your Name]

Embrace Complexity with Compassion:
Learn to navigate diversity and dissent with integrity, fostering effective collaboration in polarized times.
Transformative Conflict Perspective:
Gain a fresh understanding of conflict, embracing its inevitability as a catalyst for learning, growth, and connection, especially in political contexts.
Enhanced Communication Mastery:
Develop practical communication skills for immediate application, including authentic self-expression, behavior disruption, and inclusive dialogue.
Facilitation Expertise:
Acquire fundamental facilitation, mediation, and conflict management skills, along with practical tools and methodologies for immediate and lifelong use.
Empowerment through Conflict Stewardship:
Create comprehensive conflict maps, receive coaching, and become equipped to guide your community through challenging issues, fostering personal and collective growth.

1. **Navigate Diversity and Dissent with Compassion:** Learn to skillfully integrate diverse perspectives, embrace conflict, and foster effective collaboration in polarized times.
2. **Transformative Conflict Understanding:** Develop a fresh perspective on conflict, accepting it as an opportunity for learning, growth, and connection, particularly in political contexts.
3. **Enhanced Communication and Facilitation Skills:** Acquire practical communication and facilitation techniques for immediate use, promoting authentic self-expression, inclusion, and effective conflict management.
4. **Empowerment through Conflict Stewardship:** Create comprehensive conflict maps, receive coaching, and gain the skills needed to guide your community through challenging issues, fostering personal and collective growth.

Learn how to navigate conflict at all scales, from individual and interpersonal to group and national.
Get techniques facilitating collaborative decision-making, so you can find the collective wisdom
Learn methods for restoring relationships after the rupture has happened, so you can unite your community
Develop new life-changing tools and perspectives to enhance your understanding of the world.

Oct 5 - Discovering the Heart of Conflict
Oct 19 - Communicating across Differences
Nov 2 - Conflict Transformation Leadership - Taking the Third Perspective
Nov 16 - Conflict Resolution and Intervention
Nov 30 - Facilitation and Conflict Transformation Essentials
Dec 14 - Stepping onto the field

Please distill these the following training outcomes into 4-6 bullet points that I can put on a flyer for a "Facilitation and Conflict Transformation" Course. Make the bullets speak to how the course will be transformational for the reader.

Training outcomes:
This course will teach civic stewards how to hold complexity and diversity with integrity and compassion, so they can skillfully integrate dissent and nurture spaces for effective collaboration in these polarized times.
They will gain a new Perspective:
Participants will develop a transformational new understanding of the nature of conflict (especially political conflict).
They will accept the inevitability of conflict as an inherent feature of diversity, and learn how to embrace the fantastic opportunities for learning, growth and connection it provides.
They will learn effective communication Skills:
Participants will learn practical speaking and listening strategies that can immediately be applied in their day-to-day lives and organizing work.
These skills should improve abilities for: Authentic self-expression, disrupting negative behavior, and real inclusion of diverse perspectives.
They will acquire Improved Facilitation Skills:
Learn the fundamental features of facilitation, mediation and conflict management processes and how to apply them to any conflict or decision making process.
Exchange tools, tips and tricks of the best facilitators, that can be applied immediately and developed over a lifetime.
Review the myriad methodologies and approaches to intervene in all kinds of conflicts and situations, and know when and how to access them.
Develop an Conflict Steward Map:
Every steward will be invited to bring their own example of an active and intractable conflict from their life.
They will develop a comprehensive map of their conflict, which they can use to steward their community through the issue
They will also receive coaching and support to ensure they are clear about their next steps.
You will feel comfortable and curious in the face of conflict.
You will learn how to speak your truth while still holding space for the truth of others.
You will learn how to navigate your own conflicts so you can learn and grow from them.
You will know how to intervene and support people who are in conflict
You will learn the essential structure for facilitating groups with diverse perspectives in generative and creative conversation.
You will gain the resources you need to bring these transformational tools to support your community.
Learn how to think beyond polarization and generate all-win solutions to complex problems.
Learn how to a trusted and respected leader.

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