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Short Description

Original: Learn how to drive productive conversations that involve multiple participants & how to address conflict responsibly when it arises

"Discover a fresh perspective on conflict, empowering you to face divisions with curiosity and calm, and transform political diversity into collective intelligence."

"Discover the art of igniting transformative dialogues among diverse voices and master the art of graceful conflict resolution. Join us now."
"Discover the art of igniting generative dialogues among diverse voices and learn the secrets to gracefully embracing and resolving conflicts."

Using less than 25 words, write an inspiring description about what people will learn in a workshop. he workshop is called "facilitation and conflict transformation".
It is part of a "Local Steward Leadership-in-Action Academy" for local leaders that want to improve democracy.
Outcome Goals:
You will feel comfortable and curious in the face of conflict.
You will learn how to speak your truth while still holding space for the truth of others.
You will learn how to navigate your own conflicts so you can learn and grow from them.
You will know how to intervene and support people who are in conflict
You will learn the essential structure for facilitating groups with diverse perspectives in generative and creative conversation.
You will gain the resources you need to bring these transformational tools to support your community.
Learn how to think beyond polarization and generate all-win solutions to complex problems.
Learn how to a trusted and respected leader.

"Unlock the power to navigate conflict, foster curiosity, and become a trusted leader in our 'Facilitation and Conflict Transformation' course."

"Empower your journey towards becoming a compassionate, skilled leader, capable of transforming conflict, fostering dialogue, and improving democracy in your community."
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