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Presentation Notes

Get people

Political Conflict is all around
Who thinks they are personally immune to the conflict
CAn you see that conflict transformation (the skill of

Become the heroes of a better world.
potential career path

General points:

take Control the Room
be in charge
don't use soft intro
Look into the camera
Keep the people feeling it in their bodies (not getting into our heads).



Common plight (something that is painful for folk and relevant to the course
something that is personally relevant and demonstrates my transformation
Who here ??
feels this way? LIke I used to?
...hates conflict
...avoids conflict
think conflict is the problem
loves conflict
while growing up found themselves in the middle of a fight between parents (friends) and felt helpless.
do you feel helpless
Who here feels hopeless in the face of current political crisis? Who is afraid that we might be unable to reconcile our political differences?
That's how I was
I used to do that/think like that.
Why this is important
And don't you think that a group of skilled faciliatators who can stand in the fire of conflit and transform it into the best solutions? Wouldn't that be the secret to transforming democracy?
use conflict to
become tremendously more effective at finding solutions
to forge deep relationships.
conflict is a fundamental feature of diversity,

to heal our. xxx we need these tools
give examples of how this could change
for your relationships
to be effective
Story of my transformation
my challenge
avoid and fear
my transformation
where I am now
Establish Credibility
I've worked internationally on projects..
Now dedicated to bringing this to our democracy omni-Win project
Hint, this can be your life too.

Course Purpose:

how to be in the middle of a conflict, and know what to do to turn the conflict into...
feel what it would be like to be a calm how to be great leader shepherd
respected and trusted
So that you can...
be effective stewards
So that you can...
What feelings does it give them;
orchestrate a conversatation without getting caught up in the storm
keep a level head
Foundation for a life long career.
"Foundational" understanding such that
to set you up for a lifetime journey
talk about growing opportunities.
Generate collective intelligence solutions

Our world needs people like you (me)
Paint a picture of the future, that includes them in the future.

OFFER: Course Process


Does anyone here thing that our political system can transform itself without these skills
You probably see the importance of this tools
In order to develop a cadre of people with these skills
I want to invite you to come to my course

Overall Transformation summary:

Pain Island to Solution Island
not knowing what to do to being a calm powerful leader
results (more specific)
Testimonials (Where they were and where they are now. How Duncan changed life)
Stats (
story about change
Statement about how this different
beyond simple resolution and mediation
not just tools and practices. This will teach you how to read the field.

This if for you if...

you really want to go beyond the surface level
transform situations
not for you:
get what


only soft skills and communication
we need to get to the next level


There are so many amazing courses. This course alone is worth the entry fee alone

I want to work with the next level of faciiltators. those of you who are ready to heal our democracy, join me
Write down, go somewhere

Teaching is modalities
Sales is about why care
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