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Nod along if this resonates with you:
When you were a child did you ever get caught in the middle of your parents fighting? Do you remember being afraid and helpless, realizing that the adults, the people who are supposed to be responsible, couldn't get it together?
I did.
Do you ever feel angry, or even scared, when you watch our political leaders trying to win fights more than they're trying to find solutions?
I do.
I understand those feelings Growing up conflict terrified me. It's still scary. no longer feel helpless, because I now know
conflict can be a driver for positive change, and I've learned how to make that happen.
My name is Duncan Autrey,
conflict transformation catalyst,
Omni-Win Project
decades exploring conflict transformation and facilitation,
introduce you to the transformative 'Facilitation and Conflict Resolution' course.

Why does this matter?
pivotal moment in history.
decisions today - resonate for generations to come.
political leaders -
acting irresponsibly,
struggling to make wise forward-thinking choices.
The toxic divide in our nation
corrodes our communities, and
2024 election threat to national integrity.
June 2023 Pew Research Center poll:
the only thing that a majority of Republicans and Democrats agree on
worried about the inability of Republicans and Democrats to agree on anything.
we can't let our differences paralyze our progress, especially when diversity should be our greatest strength.
Conflict, doesn't need to be a destructive force, Conflict is an opportunity to thrive, because it gives us a direct line into one another's hearts.
It reveals what is important and
what needs to change
always a chance to deepen our understanding of ourselves and others.
I, too, used to avoid conflict, just like many of you probably do. motivated by the turmoil around me,
lifelong journey of study and work
conflict zones in Colombia, border disputes in Ecuador, corporate training rooms, local PTA meetings and lots of community mediations.
Recently, I've channeled my passion into the Omni-Win Project.
no longer tolerate bad communication about important issues.
i'm sharing the existing tools and ideas
that can heal our democracy and political crisis,
so that together we can co-create a future where everyone wins.
I'm offering this course
so that you're empowered you to become a trusted and skilled steward for your community,
Democracy is in peril, and
So that you can become part of a network of skilled facilitators and conflict resolution stewards
So that we can all navigate conflicts gracefully.
I believe a conflict resolution revolution is exactly what we need to protect our national integrity and restore the dream of of america; E Pluribus Unum, Out of many one.
I hope you Can see how important this is.
this is your opportunity to be part of it
The 'Facilitation and Conflict Resolution' course will equip you with
tools to face conflict with confidence and curiosity. You'll learn how to
turn diverse perspectives into collective wisdom,

In these tumultuous political times, these skills are indispensable for becoming a respected local leader.
Additionally skills that will improve all of your relationships and provide a powerful boost your career.
Over six modules,
we will explore conflict at all levels and dimensions,
Progressively across modules: from individual and interpersonal to group and national conflicts.
In the earlier modules You'll learn about what to do when you're on the inside the conflict.
In the later modules you'll learn how to be on the outside.
explore techniques and methods for
confidently intervening when conflict arises
facilitating collaborative decision-making
how to make the repair after the rupture.
Each Module
you'll gain practical skills that are immediately applicable
conceptual frameworks that offer a new perspective on the world.
Across the course you'll develop an understanding of and plan for a conflict in your life.

This course focuses on interest-based approach to facilitation and conflict resolution,
contrast to approaches for handling conflict that you are more familiar with
Across history, disputes have been resolved using one of three methods: power, rights, and interests.

The Power-based approach
resolves conflicts by deciding who is most "powerful,"
relies on violence, force, and/or hierarchy.
destroy relationships,
generates more problems then it resolves.
Rights-based processes
who is most "right"
universal rules and laws.
improvement from power
significant limitations.
Laws will never be able to
encompass human complexity
created by individuals with power.
You can think of examples of these Power and Rights
very Popular
Here's the problem.
create winners and losers,
perpetuating division and
generating chronic conflicts.
In contrast, interest-based conflict resolution
seeks to understand why an issue matters to each party involved. PAUSE.
This approach fosters creative collaboration, encourages long-term adaptation, and personal growth.
It's a win-win approach that we desperately need in today's world.

Now, let me pose a critical question:
Can our political system truly transform without effective communication and collaboration across differences?
I don't believe it can.

Our political leaders, our collective mothers and fathers, are fighting,
they aren't keeping their eyes on what’s important .
We can't afford to let these disagreements distract us from the critical conve
This course will shift you from helplessness to confidence. clarity and courage in the face of conflict.
clear idea about what's going on, and
You know what to do
If you're weary of superficial discussions and ineffective arguments, if you're ready to transcend partisanship and make a substantial impact on your community's unity, this course is for you.
Please Don't dismiss this course as merely "soft skills."
Soft skills are hard.
hard-won through practice,
essential for our survival.
complex problems
requiring communication across diverse populations,
these skills are our lifeline.
It's time to abandon the illusion of an "us versus them" struggle We are united in our destiny in this game, we all win or we all lose.

This 'Facilitation and Conflict Resolution' course it will change your life
enhancing your career and relationships,
change your role in the course of history.
We need you,
the next generation of facilitators and conflict resolution experts
confidently stand in the fires of conflict and
lead us toward sustainable, all-win solutions together.
If you believe this course is part of your calling,
jot this down in your notes:
"I want to learn how to facilitate and transform conflict,"
join the course.

In the meantime you can learn more about me and my work by visiting

I'll leave you with a thought from my mentor, Kenneth Cloke: "Conflict is the sound made by the cracks in a system that has outlived its usefulness. It's the voice of a new paradigm coming to replace it."

WE are in a pivotal moment, and I hope you'll join me in co-creating future of democracy.

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