Pinterest’s Pyramid OKRs
Pinterest’s Pyramid OKRs

Success Story

As Pinterest imagined how they might scale OKRs, the worked closely with EPD (Engineering, Product, and Design) leadership and BizOps (Business Operations) to create a new system for increasing transparency, ramping up efficiency, and laying down stability — we call it the Pyramid OKR Tracker and it’s saving the team an estimated $92,000 in effort each quarter with planning and tracking.
While Naveen Gavini, Pinterest’s Head of Product, goes into detail regarding their OKR context, problem, and solution with Coda in , here’s the summary:
Context: Pinterest adopted OKRs as a goal setting framework, and used tools like Google Docs and Sheets that were readily available.
Problem: As they scaled from 15 to 2,000 employees (and many more initiatives), the already fragile setup began to buckle: employees wanted a more intuitive tool for seeing their own goals, team leads transparency into progress, leadership one place to understand the health of the business.
Solution: Coda and Pinterest co-created a Pyramid OKR Tracker to house all OKRs in one place. Executives, Pillar Leads, Team Leads, and individuals have their own views into the same goals, can track monthly status updates, and there are Automations — like Slack reminders — to keep things running smoothly. Learn more in .

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Pinterest’s EPD org achieved their goals for increasing transparency, efficiency, and stability after rolling out the Pyramid OKR Tracker. Faster updates and less admin overhead, particularly for Team Leads, means that each quarter, Pinterest is saving an estimated $92,000 in effort.
After the success within EPD, this new way of scaling OKRs has spread to other orgs like Marketing, People, and Sales, beginning to unify Pinterest under one OKR framework.
“In partnership with our Coda success team, we’re continuing to evolve our implementation so we can seamlessly integrate OKRs across the company. Our vision is to communicate our strategy and company-level goals as well as automate quarterly progress reviews with our executive team through Coda’s functionality.”

Amit Desai, Head of BizOps - Strategic Planning at Pinterest
Partnering with Solutions at Coda
The Coda and Pinterest teams partnered through discovery, design, development, and launch to ensure we created the tracker that fit Pinterest’s unique needs together, and that it would be highly adopted by the users.
We identified the following needs as the core goals for the OKR tracker:
Questions to answer
Transparency from the top objectives to the bottom key results so that leadership to individuals are aligned.
As more teams and people get added to our org, ensuring key individuals have the ability to easily understand and action OKRs across the business.
How can I easily see my team’s progress against goals?
How can I easily find my team’s (or other team’s) OKRs?
How can I easily see how my work ladders up to our company goals (and vice versa)?
Efficiency so that the team can focus on doing the work and not on the tracking of the work.
Scaling the team means that as complexity grows, the time to manage the process doesn’t.
We copy and paste the same data in multiple docs; how might we streamline our updates?
How might we make it easier to pull reports/views specific to my needs?
How might we leverage existing data to make our check-ins more efficient?
Stability of a foundation that we can grow and build on.
Creating the right structure from the tops down with the tooling to support.
How might we create stability between the different teams’ OKR views that doesn’t rely on fragile formulas?
How do we ensure a consistent user experience for logging OKR updates at different levels of the organization?
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Coda brainstormed with EPD on how this new OKR system would look — e.g., how does a Team OKR connect to and ladder up to Pillar and Company OKRs? What’s the right update cadence?
Pinterest OKR Schema - OKRs - Pinterest Success Story (1).jpg
“With the flexibility of Coda, we were able to ask the big questions about how we wanted to uniquely run our planning ritual; out-of-the-box OKR software had already decided how we should operate and fit into their point of view. Through asking ourselves how we wanted to design our rituals — like how to update teams on progress and what cadence we were reviewing goals — we got to design the right tool, not adapt our ways to a tool.“

Anne Purves, former Director of Design Operations at Pinterest
Coda Solutions partnered closely with a core group of Coda Makers at Pinterest to build the solution together. Through weekly co-building sessions, we learned and created together, both up-leveling Makers for future iterations of the solution as well as ensuring our designs were implemented in a way that solved the actual problems they were dealing with daily.
We rolled out V1 (version one) of the OKR system earlier in 2021 and received a ton of feedback internally. Coda Solutions took an agile approach and, in partnership with the Pinterest champions, incorporated this feedback into a V2 that addressed the key needs that users were sharing.
Feedback collected in a Coda doc
The EPD (Engineering, Product, and Design) stakeholders — the core being Team Leads and Pillar DRIs — were distantly involved in the last phases, but now it was time for them to start using the tool. The Coda Solutions team onboarded this core user group who would be utilizing Pyramid OKR Tracker and evolving it to more closely fit their needs.
We started with brownbags (lunch time office hour/ Q&As) and self-service how-to guides + videos.
And to finalize, we officially kicked things off in January when we invited all the leads to a Zoom walkthrough — with many leaning in and very engaged in chat and live conversation.
Zoom training.jpg

Creating your own Pyramid OKR Tracker
“Migrating to a new OKR system often isn’t easy: there are tweaks to how your company operates, data to migrate, and individuals to be trained on a new way of working. We had a ton of fun partnering directly with the Coda Solutions team to help co-design and roll out the Pyramid OKR Tracker.”

Naveen Gavini, Head of Products at Pinterest

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