Pinterest’s Pyramid OKRs
Pinterest’s Pyramid OKRs

How this doc works

Coda is an all-in-one doc that brings words, data, and teams together. It comes with building blocksーlike tables that talk to each other and buttons that take actionーso anyone can make a doc as powerful as an app.
At the core, it’s OKRs all the way down
One of the challenges with our old OKR system of spreadsheets and docs was that people were copying and pasting the same information across platforms depending on the stakeholder that needed the information. In Coda, all of our EPD OKRs are in this one tracker.
Pyramid OKRs_pages.png

The various levels of your org will interact with OKRs in different altitudes, with for each division, focus area, team, and individual. Below is the Pyramid OKR structure and how it plays out in this Coda doc design.
Mission & Strategy: Is written in another Coda doc at Pinterest, but could easily be included in this doc. Similar to this .
: These are all the OKRs across everyone, starting with how EPD connects to company-wide OKRs. The base table for these can be found under and is called .
Pillar OKRs: Each Pillar gets their own view into their set of OKRs. , , and . This is also a space to combine their own strategy and how it connects with the company’s mission & strategy.
Team OKRs: Within each Pillar, there are multiple teams that support its mission and OKRs. For example, you’ll find the and under Pillar.
Individual OKRs: And lastly, for individuals, there’s a page that shows a given DRIs OKRs as OKRs that an individual as pinned and saved to their board. These are individual views, but not actually an individual’s personal OKRs. Those can be found in the team’s 1:1 Coda doc between staff and their managers, similar to this .
Status updates for how OKRs are tracking
With Sheets & Docs, the check-in process was a lot of work with a bunch of copying and pasting for different audiences. In this OKR tracker, click the status update column from any Key Result and you can easily add (and see progress on) status updates each month.
Status Updates.jpg
While status updates show up within each key result row, all up them show up in . This is like our internal database of OKR updates which anyone can view and update.
Nagging DRIs to get their monthly status updates in is a pain, so we built a that runs each month for us so that Coda can do the pestering for us — and we get into a cadence of more on-time updates, the ritual becomes more ingrained, and the Slack automation sends less over time.
Monthly execution reviews
As part of our operating cadence, we have a monthly meeting called
@Forum: Monthly execution review
. The artifact for this review was a slide deck filled out by Pillar DRIs. A lot of the information needed for this review was copied and pasted from our OKRs. Some of the input the DRIs need to provide include a 4-week review of how things went and a 4-week preview of where things will go:
Image 2021-09-15 at 12.48.09 PM.jpg
Original slide deck with instructions on how to do the monthly review
Get started
Head over to
, start adding and updating from there. Once you’ve followed a few key results and put yourself as a DRI, look at .

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