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The work assistant for your team.

that understands the actual information in your company, not just what’s on the internet.

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W that acts as an informed, omnipresent AI collaborator, not a separate experience.

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that can take real action at scale, not just answer questions.

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Knowledge assistance that understands the actual information in your company.

Get instant insights, make better decisions. You can also bring in data from one of Coda’s 600+ , creating that true “source of truth.”
Center company decisions around insights, not just opinions, so you can move faster and with confidence.
Focus on higher impact work—according to a , employees spent 1.8 hours per day searching and gathering information.
Ramp up new hires faster, by giving them the same access to institutional knowledge as tenured employees.


Writing assistance that acts as an informed, omnipresent AI collaborator.

Finish 80% of the work in 10% of the time.
Make confident decisions: generate pros & cons, or visualize options to choose between.
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Reach more customers: create marketing campaigns faster, or respond to more customers.
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Find your next big hit: Flesh out all your ideas, and then pick the best one.
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Task assistance that can take real action at scale.

Turn your tedious tasks into automated solutions.
Free up hours of your day: Share internal updates automatically, draft emails in bulk, or update Jira/Salesforce at scale. Coda AI can help you manage the busywork that bogs you down.
Create more flexibility for the team: Focus on goals, not individual metrics, with systems that help accomplish the tedious, yet important, work that stands in the way.
Drive accountability for important decisions: Ensure vital details don’t fall through the cracks, because they get surfaced automatically.
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