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Coda AI: your work assistant

In of the typical workday

the average employee spent 57% of their time using office software for communication—in meetings, email, chat.
two out of three workers said they struggled to find time and energy to do their actual job.
managers estimated that their teams lost an average 7.47 hours a week to poor communication.

Why is being a great collaborator so much work?

Your co-workers need answers, but that often means pausing your tasks, decisions, goals to help.

Don’t get another tool— use Coda AI as your new work assistant.

Delegate repetitive tasks, create content at scale, and get insights faster.
Move from rough ideas to a structured summary, in time for your next meeting.
Visualize options to make decisions with conviction.
Collaborate, coordinate and communicate within and between teams— without the work.

Coda AI is a work assistant. It’s also a Coda building block.

Which means it can not only generate content that fits neatly within your doc and workflows, but reference existing context in your doc.
And you can bring in data from or share it to tools like Salesforce and Zoom.

🏁 Ready to explore?

Use this doc as a playground space—open up the AI prompts, make some changes, or add any data to test out how and where you can add Coda AI to your workflows! First
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