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Social media copy with Coda AI

Use Coda AI to draft example copy for your social media announcements

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Coda is the all-in-one doc that brings words, data, and teams together. It starts with a blinking cursor on a blank page and can grow as big as your team's ambition. Coda comes with a set of building blocksーlike pages for infinite depth, tables that talk to each other, and buttons that take action inside or outside your docーso anyone can make a doc as powerful as an app. People have made Coda docs that do everything from launch products, to scale small businesses, to help them study for tests.
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Coda AI is now in Beta! During the alpha, we saw makers use Coda AI to rethink their work in many ways, including to create taglines, summarize Zoom transcripts, write briefs, tag product feedback from raw notes, automatically pull action items from meeting notes, and more. Coda AI is a powerful work assistant to help teams make progress together.
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