Juan’s Consulting Playbook
Juan’s Consulting Playbook

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Operating the Business

Tip #1: Your business’s runway is cash-on-hand divided by burn rate (per month).

Growing the size of the company increases the burn rate, and therefore decreases your runway, if you also don’t grow revenue.

Tip #2: Diversity of customer base mitigates revenue consistency risk.

Business (or customer projects) can disappear very quickly. Assume it will.
A customer with a disproportionate percentage of your revenue has high leverage on your business.
A diverse group of partners helps lead to a diverse customer base.

Tip #3: You’re likely not an expert bookkeeper and your time is better spent on areas where you have expertise.

Hire a bookkeeper as soon as it makes sense.
Add the name of a bookkeeper, and other people who could fill in any gaps you might have in your skillset to your list.

Tip #4: Growing makes operations more challenging.

Make a deliberate decision to grow or to stay as a boutique firm. Those are very different strategies.
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