Juan’s Consulting Playbook
Juan’s Consulting Playbook

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Finding Customers

Tip #1: Today, you are 1 to 2 degrees away from your initial customers.

Customer acquisition cost for a customer you don’t already know is higher than for people you know and trust you.
You likely know or have worked with your first customer.
Use the template to start creating a list of potential leads.

Tip #2: Target a customer problem you believe is meaningful.

Meaningful means that you care about the people who live with the pain of the problem.
Business is long and difficult. Meaning will help you get through the hard times.
Use the page to jot down initial thoughts.

Tip #3: For small consulting companies, most 2-year projects start as 1-week projects.

Avoid large RFPs. Responding to large RFPs are great for large consultancies that need to feed many folks on their benches.
Use your smallness as an advantage to grow business organically by having low overhead costs, moving quickly, and building long-term relationships with a personal touch.
It’s much easier for the customer to trust you on a 1 week project than a 2 year commitment. Land the short term project, deliver value, and find new problems to solve.

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