Juan’s Consulting Playbook
Juan’s Consulting Playbook

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Building Assets to Scale

Tip #1: Build products only to serve your consulting customers.

Products are great assets that help with customer acquisition.
Assets are those things that you could ship as products or keep as internal tools that help you deliver value to customers.
Product can be a great way to provide continuous value after each engagement is delivered resulting in a cumulative and continuous revenue stream.
If a product idea becomes a viable business either pivot the entire business or spin a new business out of the consulting business.
Don’t use consulting profits to fund a new product effort. This leads to fragmented focus.
Keep strategic products that help you operate efficiently as your competitive advantage.

e⭐ Tip #2: Build culture as a long-term asset.

Independent of whether you build an in-person, hybrid, or remote company, build a center of energy for your company. It can be a physical or virtual place. This becomes a meaningful asset for the team.
Many teams use Slack, Teams, and/or Discord to create a center of energy for the team.
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