Juan’s Consulting Playbook
Juan’s Consulting Playbook

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Tip #1: Technology advancements in future products will commoditize your consulting service. Plan for it.

Consider commoditizing yourself by building tools that create efficiencies and reduce the value of your services before others do. If someone else commoditizes your service, the value of your service is reduced and so is your customer’s willingness to pay. If you commoditize it first, you have an option to reduce your price. Try to reduce prices for existing services while increasing scope of your offering.
Constantly reinvent the service and value you provide.

Tip #2: The delivery of your services in your product

Your product should include everything in your company: offerings, culture, vision, mission, and assets.
Use the template as a way to start imagining all the aspects of the future product (or service) you plan to launch, from the perspective of your potential customers.

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