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We have chosen FitBod for this case

01 Outcome
The outcome of this analysis is focused on how to extend Fitbod’s vision which is “Workouts that improve as you do”.
02 Available Opportunities & Validation
One of the areas that is a white space opportunity is logging free weights exercises. It is an integral part of every gym goers routine. There is no easy way to log these exercise activities outside of a pen and paper.
I’m a regular user of this app after having tried several methods (specify details) to log my exercise routine. I have also introduced this app to 10 people regular people in the gym and 2 Iron Man Athletes who have become advocates.
03 Alternatives and Assumptions
Motivated to get into better physical shape;
It will not work for people who are not focused on health
Alternative is a
Personal Trainer
Other Similar Apps
04 Roadmap
The product roadmap describes the set of problems that will be taken up Now, Next and Later based on jobs to be done (see below); In reality other factors like customer feedback and infrastructure need to be factored in.
05 Success Metrics
Describe the success metrics for your Roadmap (defined above)
06 What we are not doing?
This is an app and not a wearable

Product Strategy

Screenshot 2022-12-12 at 5.33.41 PM.png
Personas that are going to be using Fitbod
Demo viewer
Fear of injuries due to bad handling of the equipment
Can an app really help me?
Hoping to see how other person is doing the exercise and learn from it
Detailed 360-degree view of a real person using the equipment and targeted muscles
Exercise logger
Losing data about what I have done, targeted muscles, sets, reps, weights may lead to no improvement
What kind of detail can I add witin the app?
Hoping to log what I did today so that I can estimate what to do next
An app that supports logging exercises, sets, reps, and weights. also, show them next time while performing the same exercise
Calorie Counter
Fear of exceeding or not meeting daily calorie limit
Does it allow me to easily find out the calories of the food that I eat?
Hoping to see the number of calories burnt
Automatically identifies calories from the type of exercise, weights lifted, and reps performed
Goal Setter
Fear of doing something or nothing which will not meet their goal of building muscle or weight loss
Can I set different goals? How often can I change or tweak them?
He/she is not sure of what to do or where to start in the fitness journey
An application that recommends exercises based on the current body conditions. For example: height, weight, goal, fitness experience
Variety seeker
Body getting used to the performed exercise and not responding towards the goal
What is the granularity of the exercises that I can log?
Hoping to try different exercise from what he/she is aware of
An Application which recommends different exercises
Motivation seeker
Performing fewer reps leads to frustration/ not meeting goal and no improvement
Can an app really help me?
Hoping that someone gives them a push to do those extra reps
Motivational push so that he/she performs those extra reps and feels better.
Diet Planner
Fear of eating more than burnt leads to extra calorie consumption, which may result in not reaching goal
How easy is to log the food consumption?
Planning on what to eat, when to eat based on the goal, exercise performed and calories burnt
An app that recommends what to eat, how many calories to eat, logs food to stay on track with the fitness journey
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Jobs to be Done
Test (30 Day)
Continuous Use
Demo Viewer
Website, Reviews, Price, Colors, Exercise Equipment
Minimize relying on different devices;
This product to live up to their expectation — Robust
Exercise Logger
Reviews, Friends, Bloggers, Physical Instructor, Coach
Test for data loss; types of exercises that can be easily logged;
Ease of use and possible integration with other devices such as Apple Watch
Calorie Counter
Speciality exercise equipment sites, blogs, Reddit, Twitter Social Media
Setting alerts that are practical
Personalized and automation
Goal Setter
Figuring out if apps really help
Guidance that helps them get to their goal(s)
Personalized guide based on basic parameters
Variety Seeker
Motivational Seeker
Diet Planner
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Inputs to the Roadmap

Customer Delight → JTBD
Metric Movers → Adoption
Customer Requests → Customer Support, Twitter,
Technical Debt → Infrastructure
Prioritization Framework → RICE
Reach → Product Manager
Impact → Product Manager
Confidence → PM / Program Manager / Engineering Manager
Effort → Program Manager / Engineering Manager / Engineers
Exploring Online - Build trust and transparency for them - Phase 1
Onboarding Guides
Case Studies that it really works
Exploring Online - Build trust and transparency for them - Phase 2
Data Integration Phase 2
Partnership with influencers
Data Integration Phase 1
Exploring Online - Build trust and transparency for them - Phase 3
There are no rows in this table
Make people talk about Fitbod to 3 friends in the first 3 months of purchase
Form that asks buyers how they heard about the product
Referrals from friends / Total Purchase
10% more adoption over the current user base
Reviews; Survey; Reading Specifications for the new features we added
Number of visitors to the new product specifications page / Total Buyers per month
Task Success
Easy to log exercises
Drop off rate
Number of people who sign up but don’t log an activity
There are no rows in this table

How will you make the app better?

Roadmap - Make Better
TAM (# of users)
Feature #1
Feature #2
Motivational Seeker
Getting Started motivation similar to meditation apps
Continuous usage motivation - nudging
Diet Planner
Personalized Meal Planner
Meal logging
There are no rows in this table

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