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Product Case - Evernote

Present an idea on how to improve Evernote.
The goal of the exercise is both to get a sense of your strategic thinking, as well as the specific types of documents you would produce during the product management process.
In a slide, present your strategic vision for Evernote and where you would like us to go in the future. You will present to a group of PMs, designers, and engineers. Typically candidates create a brief 8-15 slide presentation. Not all the example materials have to be specific to the idea presented. You can simply provide illustrations of the types of materials you would use to convey the ideas and requirements. We’d love your slides to also include a brief background about yourself.

My Approach

Situation Analysis
Establish product philosophy
Identify key stakeholders (internal and external)
Conduct 1:1 deep dive sessions
Synthesize information
Prioritize feature set
Measure results, learn & iterate

Situation Analysis

What is Evernote’s mission?
What jobs do people use Evernote for?
Is Evernote useful?
What are alternatives?
Use Physical notebook
Apple Notes
One Note
Google Keep
Several other note taking apps
Why would someone pay for Evernote?
What other jobs do people want to use Evernote for?

Jobs to be Done

Store notes in the Cloud
To do lists
Photos of anything
Text notes
Scan anything
Voice Memo
Track expenses
Access on any device
Capture in any format
Organize the way I like
Retrieve in an instant
Keep my information secure

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