Mealogic Case #2

*Scaling Onboarding
One of the main products Mealogic provides is a configurable e-commerce platform that can be white labeled for the companies that use it. The companies using our platform include connected fitness, fitness and health, food and grocery, content creators, and food as medicine companies. Currently we collect the information for platform set up and configuration into a spreadsheet when onboarding a new company. Think information like website URL, filters in shopping experience, theme colors, and other configurable options throughout the platform experience. Then we use this information to configure their website using a command line interface. You are the commerce product manager, how would you approach scaling this process?


Mealogic provides a configurable e-commerce platform that can be white labeled for the companies that use it. This includes domains such as connected fitness, fitness and health, food and grocery, content creators, and food as medicine companies.


The ability for customers in different domains to be able to onboarding themselves seamlessly and on their own.

Outcome Hypothesis

Allow customers to onboard themselves will lead to higher customer adoption and it will increase customer satisfaction.

Assumption & Validation

That customers of the Mealogic platform are interested and have the technical skills to onboarding themselves. (This will require some customer interviews to validate).
We don’t want the customer to get lost with the configuration options which causes her to abandon the onboarding process. This could be a combination of complexity and skill level.
The manual process of customer intake creates lots of errors and omissions that are detrimental to successful onboarding. (need more data).
That in 2023 the number of new customers / month are going to grow steadily and become a significant drain on current resources.
In this exercise we are focussed on understanding and streaming the onboarding journey.
One important assumption is that we have the resources to develop digital solutions (If we don’t have enough resources, another approach would be to look for an onboarding software that it’s already made and could impact fast and not expensive)


Currently, they have one or more people in the organization who do a customer onboarding or they have some sort template and gather this information in a Google Sheet template (that is shareable).

Success Metrics

Ratio of Total number of items successfully uploaded / Week

We are not doing

We are not going to develop any storefront which requires more than 1000 products
We are also not building complex features and customization for each domain


These hypotheses need to be validated with research
Persona Meal Logic
Fitness & Health
Not knowing about their own brand so they are not able to complete requested fields and upload all the documentation
Hard for them to understand technical information required. Following too many steps frustrates them.
Easy onboarding process to follow and complete. Expected understanding of every step.
To culminate the onboarding process fast and easy. Without even knowing they already did it.
Food & Grocery
Too many item descriptions to complete
Urgency to sell and seeing that the onboarding process is long
Automated process to batch upload or copy / clone information of items
Having help and resources to fulfill the information fast so that they can begin using the product and generate sales
Content Creators
Not knowing/ understanding why they need to complete the requested information.
Depending on others to complete certain fields on the onboarding process
Complete everything by themselves and start to create content right away
Have an automated template to complete the information without thinking too much / look for documentation / ask or request for information
Food as medicine companies
Unable to find all the detailed information from one channel or manager
Hard to delegate and having to do it themselves (look for the information and filling the documentation)
Manage to find someone that can help them find and then fill every detailed field and complete the onboarding process without having to much back and forward requests
Complete every step in high detail
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Customer Journey Map

*This is a high level CJM; metrics and detailed touch points vs scorecards (or emotions) are missing.
Based on a hypothesis of different persona interaction
Customer Journey Map - Mealogic Onboarding
Ready to go
Business Owner
Looking for help, transparency on pricing, clear instructions on how other people have onboarded themselves
Self - serve set up, get welcome email with detailed process, expect some explanation about uploading required documentation.
Completes the requested information and he’s ready to add more items
Storefront Manager
Interested in following easy instructions
Uses toolkit to understand in more depth some technical fields
Leaves some technical fields incomplete
Marketing Manager
Interested in having a provider that helps them through the process with an account manager in order to drive quick results to the business
Decides to contact support or customer success for help in the onboarding setup process.
Manage to complete the onboarding information with the help of customer success / account management
There are no rows in this table


Inputs to the roadmap
How many grocery store customers do we have? (and how many on each of the domains). This will inform prioritization of our roadmap
Identify the core domain to start to prioritize complex features (like product catalog, subcategories, etc)
Increase their motivation to complete the activation process.
Identify and track goal achievement to measure the overall success of the onboarding experience.
Keeping in mind this is for scaling purposes
Involve Account Management / Customer Success team / Support
Roadmap - Mealogic Onboarding
Basic Storefront Set Up
Replace and recreate the items captured in the Excel sheet. See attached sheet. Capture Primary elements such as Name, Company name, Choose Industry, Company Address, Email, etc. Update password, Forgot password (Customer profile)
Smart Capture - where we enable automating repititive information; Zipcode to city mapping etc. Make domain purchase and setup easier. Fill uncompleted fields with sample texts
Integrate customer data with the CRM company partner for marketing and follow up purposes
Automate Meta Data Retrieval
Clone and copy information for multiple related items.
Make it simple to retrieve detailed technical or product information; For example connnect to master source of meta-data
Identify and interview customers that are most active and have challenges; Train customer success and account managers to respond to customer questions.
Marketing Automation - Onboarding setup
Set an automated welcome email with a high level view of how the onboarding process will go / with a FAQ button below
Set reminders for every step that haven’t been completed by the customer (according to the timeframe) with the links that takes them to the form
Automate an email with a survey about the experience after the onboarding process. Integrate these automations with the onboarding dashboard for the customer. Automate a comprehensive checklist by categories according to completion.
Identify main onboarding challenges customers are having and collect that data in a Q&A format
Create a blog with screenshots and steps on how to complete and set up the storefront with categories and a main search field
Create and publish short interactive videos that help the customer complete the process.
Advanced engaging walkthroughs
Define most difficult fields to complete for the customer and start creating content for contextual windows and fields
Display contextual windows and blur the background to emphasize completing main fields such as first product catalog, first category, first menu, prices, tax, tags, product combination, etc
Monitor and identify through analytics the need of adding or eliminating contextual windows after iterations based on improving onboarding experience
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Success Metrics

Success Metrics - Meal Logic
Primary Metric
Number of items successfully onboarded
Number of items / Week
Secondary Metric
Respond to the survey
Customer Satisfaction Rating (NPS Score)
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