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Product Case - Microsoft Teams

Teams weekly active users decreased 10%. What do you do?

01 Outcome
Specify the outcome for Persona(s) for whom Microsoft Teams builds its current suite of products. Keep in mind that we are not focussed on the outcome for the company only for the end user.
02 Product Strategy
Based on the Persona describe the set of available opportunities that you have considered. What primary research have you do both qualitative and quantitative that supports the opportunity that you have selected.
03 Alternatives and Assumptions
Assume that there are no technical glitches like bugs, outages and there is no seasonal impact
04 Roadmap
Desricbe how did you go about doing product discovery? How do you decide what and what not to build? What is your approach on taking feedback from customers?
05 Success Metrics
Describe the success metrics for your Roadmap (defined above)
06 What we are not doing?
Finally, describe the anti-persona and therefore features you will not be building.

To identify and grow usage for Teams to its baseline level

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