New World

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**Databases & Maps**

New World Map
New World Fans/db
Dungeon Locations
Tradesman's Bible - New World Crafting Calculators, Tools, and Guides

**PVP Basics**

War Strategy Guide and Tips
New World 50v50 War Tips and Weapon Tier List!
Small Scale PvP Guide
Territory Wars Guide
EVERYTHING you NEED to KNOW about 50 VS 50

**Combat Basics**

Why blocking isn't just for shields: In-depth blocking guide for PvP & PvE ft. TheeDuelist
How Big Were The PvP Scaling Changes Really? New World Open Beta PvP Scaling Measured!
Weapons Infographics


How to Manage and Build Up a Settlement
Legendary Weapon Guide! "Sorta"
Decreet's New World Godbook - Start prepared on launch
Tradesman's Bible - Ch 6 - Territory Standing

**Tips & Tricks**

Territory Standing Points - Which Upgrades to Buy? (Guide)
Luck, RNG, & Loot Tables (Drop Chances)
Starting Cities - House Buying Guides
100+ New World Tips - List Format

Gear Stat Affixes

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