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Rewrock's Discord Notes

@Rewrock ‘s Notes on **Basic Siege Strategy**
*Army listens to the Shot Caller on Discord*
*Individual Groups use in-game voice. 5 Players per Group (allocated by Shot Caller.)*
+*Option for separate Discord Channel for Strike Squad. Pros: Keep the enemy guessing. Cons: Less Army Cohesion.*
```Theorycrafting Army Build:```
> Split Army into Vanguard(35) and Rear Guard(15.)
> Vanguard = Aggressive High Damage. Includes ‘Floating’ Strike Squad
> Rear Guard = Heavy Defensive Groups.
**Phase 1: Capture Points A,B, & C**
> Float Tactic: have the Strike Squad be where the Vanguard is not. E.g. if Vanguard leaves Point-A to assault Point-B, then the Strike Squad is assault Point-C.
Three-Flag Defense
> 2x Strike Squads (to float as needed.)
> 1x Rear Guard accompanying the main Vanguard.
Two-Flag Defense
> Vanguard (accompanied by Rear Guard) to defend the most High-Risk Capture Point.
> Strike Squad moves to Low-Risk Capture Point.
**Phase 2: Fort**
> The Fort has 5 Gates. Attackers only need to destroy 1 gate to enter Fort. More Gates allow increased angles for attack.
> Final moments: defenders quickly fallback to Fort for final push from attackers.
> *I’m unsure if we need to assign Groups to Gates, or just let people flow?*
> Make sure to peel and defend healers.
> After first Gate is destroyed, stay on Capture Point.
Rear Guard
> After first Gate is destroyed, focus all defense on the Capture Point.
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